XVIVO launches the XPS™ system in Europe


XVIVO Perfusion is launching its newly developed appliance for lung perfusion, XPS™ (Xvivo Perfusion System), in Europe on the basis of good clinical results and great interest from clinics.

Since 2009, XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ) has developed and sought patents for a complete system for the evaluation of lungs (EVLP) so as to facilitate use of STEEN Solution™. XPS™ also contains a ventilator and will be marketed with accompanying specially adapted disposable products. By increasing the number of lungs available for transplantation, more patients with severe lung disease can be given a longer and better quality of life.

XPS™ has been developed in contact with Toronto General Hospital and according to their successful clinical development of EVLP. It has now been successfully used for two years at leading transplant centers in the USA within the framework of the NOVEL study. EVLP together with STEEN Solution™ following the Toronto protocol has already been used in more than 80 lung transplantations at many leading centers in Europe and more than 200 transplants worldwide, saving lungs that otherwise would not have been used. The XPS™ will make the EVLP procedure easier to perform, demand less time to set up and use fewer personnel than would a manually performed EVLP.

XPS™ is based on innovative technology from leading companies such as Maquet (Getinge) and Hamilton Medical and it is planned to receive a CE mark during the first quarter of 2014 together with the accompanying disposable products.

“So far we have held back on a decision to launch the XPS™ in Europe, but bearing in mind the very good clinical results and the great interest that we have noted from clinics in Europe, we are now working on a market introduction in Europe,” says XVIVO Perfusion’s CEO, Dr. Magnus Nilsson.

October 18, 2013
XVIVO Perfusion AB (publ)

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