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  • Yaytrade has entered into sales agreements on samples and overstock items with new customers

Yaytrade has entered into sales agreements on samples and overstock items with new customers

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Ytrade Group AB (publ) (“Yaytrade” or “the Company”) has in just a short time taken a strong position in digital sales of samples and overstock items for premium fashion companies in Sweden. At the end of March, the company entered into new agreements with Ahlvar Gallery from Sweden and Ril’s from Finland with estimated volume of 1,500 items added to the pipeline.

In addition to the influx of items from these new deals with Ahlvar Gallery and Ril’s, Yaytrade has seen very large positive outcomes from the company’s latest sales with J.Lindeberg, Hope, Flattered, and Sandqvist.

"Yaytrade has played a meaningful role in Sandqvist's online journey. Through their channels we were able to reach the right audience and their site is a suitable arena to meet potential customers. I highly recommend them as a strategic partner." says Daniela Cordero, E-Commerce Manager at Sandqvist.

“In a flexible and efficient way, Yaytrade has saved us many hours of work. It is noteworthy that they have a well thought out and smooth process with both the customer and end-customer in focus. We see Yaytrade as a certain option for us again in the future.”, says Marcus Carter, Retail Buyer at J. Lindeberg.

Yaytrade aims to take a leading position in digital pop-up stores for premium fashion companies, starting first in Europe.

“It is very gratifying to see the positive development we have with such satisfied customers. We are very proud of the trust we have been given from many of Sweden's leading fashion companies. We accomplished this in a relatively short time, which also speaks volumes about the challenges that Yaytrade has been able to solve. This is just the beginning for us. I look forward, with confidence, to the next few months where we have very exciting dialogues and plans for the future. This strengthens our goal of even clearer position regarding digital pop-up stores for sample and stock sales.” says David Knape, CEO of Ytrade Group AB (publ).

For further information, please contact:

David Knape, CEO Ytrade Group AB (publ)
E-post: david.knape@yaytrade.com
Phone: +46 70 999 90 09

This information has been published through the agency of the contact person above, at the time specified by Ytrade Group AB's (publ) news distributor Cision upon publication of this press release.

About Yaytrade
Ytrade Group AB (publ) is a Swedish fashion-tech company which operates the Yaytrade marketplace. The company was formed in Sweden and registered with The Swedish Companies Registration Office in 2015. The first version of Yaytrade's marketing platform was launched to the public at the end of 2017.

At Yaytrade, individuals can shop for premium fashion and lifestyle products directly from brands selling off their outgoing stock, samples, and returns via “digital pop-up shops”. The company also sells premium second-hand from private individuals and influencers. Community users can create their own e-store and populate it with items from collected via Yaytrade pick-up service as well as post self-created ads. Yaytrade appeals to a chic urban demographic with a striking design which took home a silver medal Swedish Design Prize in 2020 in the e-commerce category. The company's market platform is a proprietary high-tech e-commerce platform where premium fashion meets the circular economy, contributing to more sustainable consumer behaviour which further drives environmentally sound fashion consumption.

The company's Certified Adviser is Eminova Fondkommission AB, phone: +46 (0)8-684 211 10, e-mail:  adviser@eminova.se

For more information, see Yaytrade's website www.yaytrade.com

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