YIT joins Pirkkala-Linnainmaa tramway alliance as a service provider

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YIT Corporation Investor News 18 September 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

Today, Tampere Tramway has selected the Pirkkala–Linnainmaa tramway alliance service providers. The service providers of the new Tampereen Ratikka Pirkkala-Linnainmaa Alliance are the construction parties YIT Finland Ltd and NRC Group Finland Oy, as well as the design firms AFRY Finland Oy and Sweco Finland Oy who competed as part of the PIRKKO tender group. The client parties of the project are Tampere Tramway, the City of Tampere and the municipality of Pirkkala. The development phase will start in October, and the possible implementation phase in autumn 2024.

The investment cost estimate of the alliance contract is approximately EUR 335 million, of which EUR 13.5 million is for the development phase. The value of the contract will be specified during the development phase. After the development phase, the project aims to enter the implementation phase.

"The winning of this alliance project is an excellent example of the strong skills and expertise that we and our partners have in common. We are delighted to be able to develop this regionally and socially significant project together with all parties involved," says Aleksi Laine, Interim EVP of the Infra segment at YIT.

The development phase of the new alliance starts in October this year, and at the end of it in October 2024, the councils of Tampere and Pirkkala can make a decision on construction, its scope as well its potential gradual implementation on the basis of the implementation plan.

The development phase involves drawing up an implementation plan from the Linnainmaa area of Tampere to Suuppa in Pirkkala. The goal is to have the plan approved by the councils of Tampere and Pirkkala by the end of September 2024.

The preliminary timetable estimate according to the regional master plan for the tramway is that if the councils of Tampere and Pirkkala decide on the construction of the tramway in late 2024, the construction of the tramway would take place between 2025 and 2028. The construction schedule will become more precise during the development phase of the alliance, which is now starting.

Further information:
Essi Nikitin, Vice President, Investor Relations, YIT, tel. +358 50 581 1455, essi.nikitin@yit.fi
Aleksi Laine, interim EVP, Infra segment, YIT, media inquiries through Group Communications, tel. +358 44 743 7536, press@yit.fi

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