Cool Things You Can Do with Your Basement

Basements are big news at the moment. For people who aren’t able to extend their house upwards or outwards, a basement conversion offers an attractive alternative. Indeed, in some city locations people are even choosing to excavate basements where none existed before. But what can you do with a basement? Isn’t it certain to be cold, dank and gloomy? You might be surprised.


If you have a family, then the basement can be a great way to provide extra space for the kids. You can turn your basement into a playroom for younger ones or a study or den for teenagers and older children.

Living Room

Of course, basement conversions can be used to provide extra living space too. You can create an extra lounge which, because it’s isolated from the rest of the house, makes a quiet space for reading or relaxing or somewhere you can enjoy watching a movie or listening to music without disturbing anyone else.

Extra bedroom

If you need extra space for an expanding family or a spare room for guests, then a basement makes a great extra bedroom. Add an en-suite and you have a private space that’s away from the main house.

Home gym

If you like to keep fit, basement conversions make great home gyms. You don’t lose space as you would by converting a bedroom into a gym, and because the space is separate from the rest of the house, you’re less likely to be disturbed as you work out.

Games room

If a gym isn’t quite your thing, then a basement can make a good games room. Things such as table tennis or snooker tables take up a lot of room, and a basement is ideal to accommodate them. It’s also a great place to have your video games console set up so you can play without distractions.

Home spa

What if the kids have left home? You might want to use your basement conversion for something a bit more self-indulgent. You could opt to turn it into a home cinema or, if you’re really ambitious, convert it into a spa or pool that you can enjoy all year round.

If you’re thinking about looking into a cellar conversion, speak to Basement 2 Rooms who are experts. They’ll be able to advise on every aspect and help you start maximising the space in your home.


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