Tips on Finding the Perfect Cheer Squad

Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK but with lots of styles, clubs and organisations to choose from -how do you find the perfect cheer squad?

Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK but with lots of styles, clubs and organisations to choose from -how do you find the perfect cheer squad?

Living Cheer, suppliers of cheerleading uniforms, campwear and accessories for squads of all styles and ability nationwide, have years of experience in teaming up with numerous squads, and so have shared these great tips to help you find the right team and get involved:

Joining a Club Near You

Cheerleading squads across the UK often affiliate themselves with one of the major governing bodies that regulate, organise and promote the sport. Each of these bodies offers individuals, teams and coaches different opportunities to train and compete within their own specialist style and set of cheerleading rules. You don’t have to train and/or compete exclusively with one body, of course, but many squads do, so you may want to take that into account when choosing a squad.

Becoming part of any cheer team requires dedication and commitment and that’s much easier when your squad is close by. Some of the really competitive squads train several times a week! You can find out about cheerleading clubs in your neighbourhood and the organisations  they affiliate themselves with, online, by visiting:

You’ll find that the cheer squads affiliated with these bodies fall into three main categories:

  • Recreational Cheer

Recreational cheer clubs are usually based in your local sports or community centre and make a great introduction to cheerleading. They may also be part of a local Dance School.  They offer aspiring cheerleaders of any age and ability the opportunity to participate in taster sessions, learn cheer basics, try out for a spot on a team and take part in regional or national competitions with an emphasis on keeping fit and having fun.

  • Scholastic Cheer

Scholastic cheer squads are offered in an increasing number of schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

Opportunities to learn tumbling, gymnastics and cheer dance skills or participate in competitions will vary depending on the experience of your coaches and the training facilities available.

If your school doesn’t have a cheer team yet, ask them to contact one of the bodies above for advice about setting one up!

  • Competitive All Star Cheer

Competitive All Star cheer clubs offer the most comprehensive coaching programmes and have quality facilities to train in. With specialist focus on stunts, gymnastics, tumbling, dance and choreography, competitive All Star cheerleading athletes are respected as the very best in their field.

Established clubs like Unity Allstars based in Surrey have 15 teams that suit all ages and abilities and can take you from being a total beginner to a competitive, championship pro!

Each of these groups should offer you the chance to try out different cheer positions such as a base, spotter or flyer and different cheer styles: street and dance cheer squads tend to focus on choreographed dance moves while classic cheerleading teams focus on combining dance with impressive stunts and acrobatics.

Before you sign up with any squad, contact a few clubs to find out about their style, class timetables and costs and ask if you can go along for a taster session.  The more professional squads might require you to attend a try-out before joining – contact them for more information and they may have a try-out pack available.

Cheerleading squads are like families. They’ll make you feel welcome and supported from the very start so you don’t necessarily need experience  at first, just enthusiasm and a bit of courage. Your coaches and fellow cheerleaders will teach you the rest.

Once you’ve found the right squad, you’ll need the right kit to train and perform in. Whether you need a cheerleader top, cheer shorts, cheer trainers, poms or a quality bag to stow everything in, you can find it online from the industry’s supply experts at Living Cheer.


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Living Cheer are a team of specialists supplying everything for your cheerleading needs; from cheer skirts and socks to cheer pom poms and footwear. Offering products from the leading cheer brands such as Alleson, Motionwear, Soffe, Kaepa and Zephz, they are one of the leading suppliers in the UK for cheerleading uniforms, cheer trainers, Soffe shorts and cheer accessories.

The team have a vast amount of experience in the cheerleading world and in supplying the best products on the market. We pride ourselves in being committed to providing the highest standards of service to guide you towards the right products every single time.


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