The Meet Group teams with digital identity company Yoti to help create safer communities online

The Meet Group,Inc (NASDAQ: MEET), a leading provider of interactive live streaming solutions, and Yoti, a digital identity company, announced that The Meet Group plans to trial Yoti's innovative age verification and age estimation technologies designed to create safer communities online. 

The Meet Group, with more than 15 million monthly active users, helps people to find connection and community through its social networking and dating apps. As a company committed to the protection of its users, The Meet Group devotes approximately half of its workforce to safety and moderation, and continuously reviews its safety procedures with the goal of meeting the highest standards of online safety and security. 

The relationship allows Yoti to enhance The Meet Group's strong existing safety measures, letting users verify their age with Yoti's age estimation technology Yoti Age Scan, or the free Yoti app where a date of birth is verified to a government issued photo ID. Yoti's technology can help moderators at The Meet Group ensure that minos do not create accounts. 

Geoff Cook CEO at The Meet Group commented, “A key part of helping people to create meaningful connections is to keep them safe online. We have already committed ourselves to one-tap report abuse capability, clear and frequent safety education, and proactive and transparent moderation, and now with Yoti’s age verification and estimation technologies, we look forward to being one of the few app operators in social or dating who can respond to reports of underage users quickly and accurately. By using Yoti’s age estimation technology and digital identity app, we believe we can enhance the safety of our platforms and give users a simple, private and secure way to verify their age.” 

Adam Grayson, US Regional Director at Yoti explained, “I’m delighted to announce our relationship with The Meet Group, which demonstrates its ongoing commitment and leadership to proactive safety measures and the protection of its members. Yoti Age Scan can estimate someone's age with a high degree of accuracy and privacy, and the free Yoti app gives people the chance to verify their age in a simple and secure way - creating more transparency online and helping to ensure that only those of the right age are accessing online platforms and creating accounts. Our work with The Meet Group shows how Yoti’s technology can help make the internet a safer place, which is particularly important when connecting with new people.”

Yoti's technology is private and secure; letting individuals verify their age without sharing any other personal information. This data minimisation approach protects an individual's privacy and security, and provides a blueprint for safer, simpler user experiences. Yoti has been designed in such a way that individuals aren't tracked - only the individual can access their personal data. 

The Meet Group expects to trial Yoti's technology on the MeetMe app this year. 

For more information about Yoti go to or read the Yoti Age Scan white paper

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By using Yoti’s age estimation technology and digital identity app, we believe we can enhance the safety of our platforms and give users a simple, private and secure way to verify their age.
Geoff Cook CEO at The Meet Group