A Swedish innovation will change the hotel industry at its core

Guest personalization is the key to create a winning hotel. This especially applies to the sleep experience. Every hotel is, after all, primarily in the business of selling a good nights’ sleep. However, a good night’s sleep requires a comfortable bed and this crucial service has up until now been impossible to personalize. You simply don’t know if your guests like firm beds, soft beds or anything in between – and a regular, static bed can only please a selected few. Now, the Swedish innovation YouBed opens up for a complete transformation of the hotel industry.

YouBed is the first and only bed in the world that provides adjustable firmness without interfering with its superior comfort features. The firmness of the mattress is easily adjusted by using a hand control. The user can also fine tune different comfort zones of the bed (shoulders and hips) to achieve a perfect personalization.

- This might sound too good to be true, but our invention is so groundbreaking it will probably change the hotel industry at its core, says Mattias Sörensen, CEO and Founder of YouBed. - We claim that the adaptable YouBed is “the world’s most comfortable hotel bed”, which to be honest is an understatement. We offer every single guest a guaranteed comfortable and personalized bed solution, which of course no regular, static hotel bed can compete with, Sörensen continues.

This one-bed-fits-all innovation is already making fast success across Europe, where for example Mövenpick Hotel & Resort has installed YouBed in all of their European hotels. YouBed was also recently launched in the Middle East, where the innovation already has been referred to as one of this year’s most anticipated launches. After these successful launches, YouBed is now set to expand into new markets where Singapore is among the first countries in line. Business Sweden (The Swedish Trade & Invest Council) have identified YouBed as a prioritized trade interest and will support the company in finding the most suitable hotel brand to introduce the innovation in Singapore and the region.

- We are of course very happy about the big buzz and interest that YouBed has received so far from Business Sweden’s meetings in Singapore. All the positive feedback and commotion makes it even more exciting to present YouBed at the Food&HotelAsia2018 in Singapore, says Mattias Sörensen. - This is the first time we introduce our adaptable innovation at a major trade show in Southeast Asia. We welcome all to visit the YouBed stand at the show, where we promise everyone an extraordinary experience, Sörensen continues.

Visit YouBed at stand 4C4-01 at Food&HotelAsia2018 (24-27th April).


For further information, please contact:

Anna Wallström, Vice President Marketing, YouBed AB

+46 70 669 04 03  anna.wallstrom@youbed.com  

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YouBed, the world’s most comfortable hotel bed, is the first bed in the world that provides adjustable firmness without compromising on the bed’s comfort. That means that whether you prefer a bed that is firm, soft or anything in between, a YouBed will always provide you with a comfortable setting and thereby a good night’s sleep.Please read more at www.youbed.com