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  • Entrepreneurs Carl Douglas and Anders Böös, together with Johanna Mattsson, want to give the world the cleanest filtered drinking water using Swedish Nordaq’s technology

Entrepreneurs Carl Douglas and Anders Böös, together with Johanna Mattsson, want to give the world the cleanest filtered drinking water using Swedish Nordaq’s technology

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Byline: Zap PR

Nordaq is a premium water that delivers the purest filtered water to 0.3 microns, which no other global water company is currently able to offer.


Nordaq started as a sustainability project to find a way to be able to drink the same water wherever you are in the world, and thus to offer a premium bottled water that tastes pure, without any transportation.


Transporting water over water is one of the most illogical things we can do because we automatically shrink our own source and make it harder to get clean water because we pollute the soil.


 - I am an inquisitive dreamer. I want to help reduce the use of plastic bottles and help save the oceans. During my years as a diver, I have seen how things have changed for the worse. A common denominator for Nordaq and the Foundation ”Voice of the Ocean” is that we are working to achieve a better future, says Carl Douglas.


 - Nordaq is the future for all hotels that want to be able to control their own water consumption and offer their guests premium water that doesn't have to be shipped halfway around the world. Nordaq provides, in my opinion, the world's most innovative and effective water solution for superior taste and less waste, says Anders Böös.


 - Nordaq currently has 2,500 customers in 52 countries, and expects to double the number of customers by 2025, with them spread across nearly 60 countries. Our customers are international luxury hotels and star restaurants that want a hassle-free solution for their water consumption. Our product enables luxury hotels to produce a bottle of water themselves for which they can continue to charge. We simply help the customer move the sustainability issue from marketing to a financial equation and source of income around the world, says Johanna Mattsson, CEO of Nordaq.


Nordaq is currently represented in countries such as Australia, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom. Nordaq is the preferred supplier of filtered water for five-star hotel chains such as Mandarin Oriental and Cheval Blanc.

155 Michelin stars, spread over 97 restaurants with 85 renowned chefs, including Thomas Keller, Yannick Alléno, André Chiang, Björn Frantzén, Daniel Boulud, Martin Göschel, Emmanuel Renaut and Heston Blumenthal, have already chosen Nordaq's unique solution.



Byline: Zap PR


 In my opinion, Nordaq offers the best water system available, says Thomas Keller, chef and owner of Guide Michelin restaurants The French Laundry and Per Se.


 - Attention to detail is something we have always looked for in all our restaurants. A dining experience goes beyond the food we eat, as it includes the surroundings, the drinks and, of course, the water. Nordaq's technology offered us exactly what we were looking for, says Heston Blumenthal, chef and owner of Guide Michelin restaurants The Fat Duck and Dinner.



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Nordaq began with a desire to deliver tasty, clean and fresh water that is also good for the environment. A completely new water filtration system was developed and patented.

Several tests showed that the water had exceptionally favourable flavour properties with a unique ability to enhance other raw materials rather than affect them. The insight was clear and the impact powerful, Nordaq had created a product that would become loved by world-class gastronomic restaurants and hotels. Word of the innovation spread and Nordaq was soon approached by star chefs from all corners of the world.

Nordaq is now established at a large number of restaurants and hotels around the world, including some of the most famous in the industry. And the expansion continues!

For the world's leading hotels and restaurants, Nordaq delivers an environmentally sustainable and profitable premium product that also offers a sensational taste experience - an unbeatable combination. 
Please visit: www.nordaq.com