I had the privilege of meeting Astrid several times and her calm, confident radiance with a bright glitter in her eyes always made a deep impression on me. Västervik, where I grew up, is only 55 kilometres from her Vimmerby, so we are both Smålanders. I especially remember how proud I was when she said that I was ‘a real Emil’. I have the deepest respect for her work and hope we can present something she would have been proud of.
Björn Ulvaeus, Executive producer.
Imagine being in the audience when Pippi goes to the circus; it’s totally irresistible! Pippi wants to play and not just sit in her place, so this will be great fun. We are extremely excited about this opportunity to share the strong, independent, fun and brave Pippi with this amazing company,
Olle Nyman, CEO The Astrid Lindgren Company.
To present a circus performance at Cirkus is a dream come true. At last, the circus ring will be filled with circus acts! Being able to present a circus with Pippi, the constant defender of play and fantasy and the champion of making the impossible possible, feels like a perfect way to celebrate Cirkör’s 25 years and Pippi’s 75 years! Right now we are in the midst of a fun-filled but challenging process where the different art forms of the creative team meet, bump and rub against each other. Our aim is to create something new together that none of us could have imagined alone in our rooms. The full ceiling height of Cirkus will be used, both figuratively and physically! Pippi inspires us to dare to turn our different perspectives upside down and be more courageous.
Tilde Björfors, Cirkus Cirkör’s founder, director and artistic director.
It has been a tremendous success. The demand for tickets to MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY has been enormous and much of it is coming from abroad. And so, it's fantastic that we can offer an English version of the event during summer 2016. During the period 9-15 May, we'll be offering Eurovision Song Contest fans a foretaste of the English version, but this is already fully booked. We're looking forward to a wonderful MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY summer
Mikael Jernberg, Head of Marketing and Sales for MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY.
Executive producer Björn Ulvaeus
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