Euro crisis is right time to improve flexibility and accuracy of cash flow forecasting

OpusCapita’s cash flow forecasting solution, OpusCapita Liquidity SaaS, will highlight inefficiencies and weak points in a cash flow process. It may be crucial for a company to minimize its operational risks and interest costs and to get a better return on liquidity – all this is possible with OpusCapita’s automated cash flow forecasting.

OpusCapita’s forecasting solution offers an easy-to-use forecasting tool with low initial costs. OpusCapita’s solution is based on a flexible SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

The solution offers not only easy deployment, light maintenance and a pleasant user experience, but most importantly it allows companies to concentrate on their business development.

“The key benefit of this solution is the improved quality of the cash flow forecasting process through automation. This solution makes it possible for companies to achieve precise forecasting, follow-up and analysis,” says Mona Henriksson, Director Scandinavia at OpusCapita.

With the euro crisis tightening its grip, there is good reason to improve cash flow forecasting with a service-based cash flow automation solution. The SaaS model does not require substantial investment from a company, and it allows easy access anywhere in the world. This makes it the most advanced and cost-efficient solution for medium-sized and larger companies, including major international corporations with global operations.

“Our solution is perfectly suited to international companies such as the leading Swedish air filter manufacturer Camfil Farr. The company has chosen to further expand its usage of the OpusCapita software,” says Henriksson.

OpusCapita Liquidity SaaS is in line with the current market trend. Companies want the easy availability of a SaaS solution, instead of on-premise solutions.

OpusCapita participates in the 21st annual EuroFinance conference on International Cash and Treasury Management, held on 26–28 September 2012 in Monaco.

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