Itella Information modernising A-lehdet’s invoicing service

A-lehdet Oy, Finland’s third largest magazine publishing house, is in the process of modernising its consumer sales subscription system.  Itella Information is supplying A-lehdet with a multichannel solution, allowing the publishing house to better communicate with its customers in invoicing matters and to strengthen its magazine sales and marketing efforts.

“We are helping A-lehdet harmonise its processes with a multichannel invoicing service. The service will also support A-lehdet’s magazine sales and marketing,” explains Antti Perttula, Sales Manager at Itella Information.

The aim of A-lehdet’s new consumer sales subscription system is to make processes more efficient, customer-friendly and flexible.

“We chose Itella’s invoicing service because it best meets our aims. Itella provides a platform for invoicing-related customer communications that is easy to vary and is genuinely multichannel,” explains Oili Kalm-Parantainen, CRM Director at A-lehdet.

Further information:
Tiina Härkönen
Head of Communications, Itella Information
+358 207 463 211

Oili Kalm-Parantainen
CRM Director, A-lehdet Oy
+358 50 414 4295

Itella Information provides financial process services and cash flow automation solutions that improve its customers’ profitability and agility. Our services cover all aspects of financial management: from purchase order to payment and from sales order to management of incoming cash flow, plus a full range of accounting and payroll services. With the benefits of scale, automated processes and best practices, we ensure that our customers’ financial processes are managed in an efficient, professional and flexible manner.
Itella Information operates in 11 European countries and employs more than 2,000 professional staff. In 2011, it had a turnover of EUR 273.7 million. The Itella Information division is part of the Itella Group. For more information, go to

The A-lehdet Group is made up of A-lehdet Oy, Image Kustannus Oy and Markkinointiviestintä Dialogi Oy. In 2011, the group had a turnover of about EUR 91 million and a staff of 462.
A-lehdet Oy publishes the following magazines: Apu, Avotakka, Demi, Eeva,, Kauneus & Terveys, Maku, Meidän Mökki, Meidän Talo, Soundi, Tuulilasi, Urheilulehti, ViherPiha, Voi hyvin, ApuKrypto and ApuRistikot. Image Kustannus Oy publishes Image and Mondo.