OpusCapita’s Nordic formula: How to Do More with Less in Cash Management

Today, on October 12, OpusCapita will proudly launch its book, "The Cash Management Challenge: How to Do More with Less", at the Euro Finance 2011 Conference in Rome. The book presents concrete advantages that will take cash management to a totally new level.

Finland has achieved a benchmark position in cash management automation. This is due to the country's payment infrastructure that beats that of the rest of the world. While consumers and businesses in many countries still use checks as a form of payment, they were phased out in the Nordic countries in the 1970s. ATMs and online banking were also introduced at a very early stage in the Nordic countries.

The book presents cases and interviews outlining the most advanced practices, not only by European standards but in global terms, too.
Geographic location and long distances as well as a small population forced the Nordic countries to create local cash management standards, and to innovate and utilise technology to automate processes. This was necessary in order to achieve lower costs and to be able to manage successfully in international markets.

Automated systems ease economic processes and promote transparency. They also lower risks, improve control and enable the rational use of resources.
“OpusCapita's story began almost 30 years ago in Finland. We hope that the very concrete benefits of cash flow automation will open your eyes to the opportunities that exist for taking your cash management to a completely new level. We also hope that this book will be well read in Europe’s struggling economies,” says Kari J. Mäkelä, CEO of OpusCapita.

For more information, please contact:
Tiina Härkönen, CMO
+358 207 463 211

OpusCapita in brief
With nearly 30 years of experience in cash management solutions OpusCapita helps organisations to become more agile and efficient by automating financial processes. OpusCapita’s over 1600 customers are privately held companies as well as organisations in the public sector – the software is used in more than 50 countries. OpusCapita is the European benchmark in cash flow automation – investing significantly in R&D to deliver user-friendly, state of the art finance software. OpusCapita employs 140 financial management and IT professionals in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The company was established in 1984 and has been part of Itella Information since July 2011.

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