Zmarta Group completes acquisition of Insplanet and becomes a leader in the Nordics

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This document is not a press release regarding the offer to the shareholders of Insplanet AB (publ). Information about the offer and its conditions is available here.

This document is for general information only and does not constitute or form part of any offer to purchase, or any solicitation of an offer to sell or any invitation to participate in any offer with respect the shares of Insplanet.

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Zmarta Group completes the acquisition of Insplanet AB (publ), as announced in August 2018. With the broadest online comparison platform for personal finances in the Nordics, Zmarta challenges established players and offer consumers the opportunity to improve their personal economy and increase transparency.

Zmarta Group’s offer to the shareholders of Insplanet has been accepted by 98.0 percent of the total number of shares and votes in Insplanet. Zmarta Group will complete the acquisition.

“Zmarta can now offer the best platform for the three main areas of household expenses – insurances, loans and electricity. Consumers can save both time and money. The next step is to expand these verticals in our key markets and make use of the great expertise available at both companies, in order to offer the very best online comparison services. Insplanet has a thorough experience of digital insurance services in Sweden. Zmarta holds a strong position in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Overall, this creates a very good foundation for us to expand in and change these markets. Zmarta will become the leading online comparison platform for personal finances in the Nordics,” says Björn Lander, Business Area Head OCPs at Bauer Media Group.

Now, Zmarta is the leading platform for comparison of personal finance services in the Nordics, including personal loans, mortgages, electricity and insurances. Insplanet is the market leader in comparison of insurances for consumers through the platform. The platforms increase transparency on the market without any hidden fees.

“Online comparison platforms have increased the transparency on many markets already, but we still see a substantial potential on the Nordic insurance market. Nordic consumers do not use these online services to the same extent as other European consumers, and the Nordic insurance market is not sufficiently transparent. Combining our platforms will give the consumers useful pieces of advice in a proactive manner, and at the same time the users will get a better overview of their personal finances,” says Tomas Jonson, CEO of Insplanet.

Based on three strong key verticals – loans, insurances and electricity – Zmarta will now focus on offering several different products on the same platform. This is in line with the strategy of Bauer Media Group, where Zmarta Group is one part. Bauer has invested in several online comparison platforms in Europe, for instance in Poland and the Czech Republic, with the overall strategy to offer several products on market leading platforms with strong brands. Recently, a central organization was established, led by Björn Lander, previously the CEO of Zmarta Group.

“Bauer’s online comparison platforms now hold market leading positions in six European markets, which are all strong when it comes to digital consumer services. We want to consolidate these positions and develop broad online comparison platforms, to increase transparency and comparability for consumers. We are convinced that they seek this when making important decisions, especially in the area of personal finances,” says Björn Lander.

For further information, please contact:
Björn Lander, Global Business Area Head OCPs
Bauer Media Group
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