Zuken’s Enhanced Project Management Expertise to Benefit Global Customers

15 October 2014Munich, Germany and Westford, MA, USA Zuken has reached a corporate development milestone as it expands its project management capabilities across Europe and the Americas. Most Zuken engineers and managers who have customer contact have received additional training based on International Project Management Association (IPMA) methodology. A specialist group has received advanced training to achieve IPMA Certified Project Management Associate status. The methodology is benefiting companies worldwide.

The program was launched to meet the needs of customers who are under pressure to implement increasingly sophisticated IT systems to create the technologically complex products of tomorrow.

Gerhard Lipski, General Manager Zuken Europe said, “This program forms an important part of our customer-focused quality assurance culture and enhances our existing project management capabilities with state-of-the-art tools and methods. This enables us to stand by our promise to work with customers as a technology partner and to meet their expectations.”

Aurang Rona, Corporate Development Manager Zuken said, “By implementing fundamental project management strategies based on internationally-recognized standards we focus on to running the type of small, medium and complex projects common in today’s marketplace.” He continues, “For example, we are better able to reach desired project goals and achieve those goals within specific time and cost parameters. This means we complete projects on time and under budget, which turns into more flexibility and accessibility for other customer projects. Everyone wins – from our customers to our team members –  which we see as the greatest benefit of our project management initiative.”

For more information see www.zuken.com/pm

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Image: Zuken-Z0425-Lipski1

Caption: Gerhard Lipski, General Manager Zuken Europe

Image: Zuken-Z0425-Rona2

Caption: Aurang Rona, Corporate Development Manager, Zuken

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