Get a newsroom

Create and share your story

Use your Social Newsroom to host all types of content: press releases, articles, multimedia, whitepapers, tip sheets and more. Include contact information and links to your website so your audience knows the best way to reach you for more information.

Your newsroom also provides social sharing tools so readers can easily like, retweet or share content with their friends and followers online. Your news will also be posted to, where it can be easily found by influencers in your industry, and automatically sent to your subscribers.

Customize your newsroom

Customize your newsroom to match the look-and-feel of your brand without having to have web programming skills. Change colors, fonts and styles to match your website’s look and feel, and make your newsroom truly yours.

Embed your newsroom into your website

After customizing your newsroom, easily embed it into your existing website with a few lines of code. After you integrate your Social Newsroom into your corporate website, anything you post will be automatically updated on your own website. Getting your story out has never been easier.

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