About Us

Who we are Action for Healthy Kids is a nationwide grassroots network mobilizing schools, parents and volunteers in support of school-based nutrition and physical activities that lead to lifelong healthy habits and academic success. With a resource clearinghouse, funding opportunities and our flagship program, Game On, we provide full support to schools, administrators and parents to develop healthy school environments for children. Our grassroots efforts are supported by a collaboration of more than 70 organizations, corporations and government agencies. Working together, we’re giving kids the keys to health and academic success by meeting them where they are - in the classroom, in the cafeteria and on the playground - with fun physical activity and nutrition lessons and changes that make it possible for them to eat nutritiously and play every day. To learn more about the ways our 85,000+ volunteer network is helping to make Every Kid Healthy®, visit us at www.ActionforHealthyKids.org, on Facebook and on Twitter .