About Us

Admeta, founded in 2002, is today a reputable online marketing company with patended technology for tracking. We are proud of our international customer base with customers within more than 20 countries. Since 2002 Admeta has been a part of the business incubator Chalmers Innovation in Gothenburg. Every company within this group has a technology-based business idea with world market potential. For more information see Chalmers Innovation. In June 2008 the Sixth Swedish Pension Fund became a joint owner in Admeta. As a new major joint owner they will have a great impact on coming events. With the Sixth AP-fund investment new possibilites are possible for the company and the product base is expanded to include the publishers. As a result of this development, Johan Klaesson was appointed CEO of Admeta at the beginning of 2009. Founders Fredrik Strauss and Leif Jägerbrand will continue working within the company as business developers of the core offer of Admeta. The success and expansion of Admeta is largely attributed to our staff. Our state of the art technology derives from our staff’s special competence, high education level and great powers of innovation. We have developed our products according to our key word – “customer value”. All our products’ functions are developed after consulting with some of our greatest customers. All of this is with the aim of supporting buyers of online marketing. Admeta is independent of all media agencies and advertising networks. Our customers pay a fixed & flexible price for using our tools.