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    The market has responded very positively to Advenica’s presence in Finland, and we are getting more and more attention. This new order proves yet again that there is a concrete need for our unique high assurance solutions to safeguard critical data. We are proud to contribute to upgrading cybersecurity within the governmental sector.
    Mikael Puska, CEO, Advenica Oy
    Cyber defence plays an increasingly important part for countries’ security in today’s politically volatile world. This requires military-grade solutions to safeguard the most critical information. With quantum secure technology, user-friendliness, exceptional reliability and high assurance, Advenica’s products are unique on the market.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica AB
    The cyberthreat is distinct and has to be taken seriously. Advenica’s offer is not only of great immediate interest but also unique from a security point of view. Furthermore, there is a strong, committed and close-knit team, which is crucial for creating the long-term and reliable relationships expected by our customers. With the product portfolio, Advenica creates the best conditions for protecting our national interests. Personally, this is enormously motivating to work with. I look forward to developing the company and market together with the team.
    Heléne Bittmann, new VP Sales National Security Sweden
    This is a strategically very important recruitment for Advenica. We are in an expansive stage with intensive sales drives both in Sweden and internationally. Heléne Bittmann’s network, leadership qualities and knowledge of military as well as political planning are major assets to our continued growth.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica
    This deal is another success for Advenica within our strong focus area critical infrastructure. At the energy company, Cross Domain Solutions will be deployed with other products to safeguard critical information and secure production.
    Rune Bengtsson, VP Sales Advenica
    We are delighted that more energy companies realize the business value of proactive and strategic cybersecurity work. Together with Advenica's expertise and certified technology, a number of information security challenges are solved through concrete measures, which can be shown to supervising authorities.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    Strengthening existing bonds is equally as important to us as developing new ones. We are very pleased about growing with this particular customer.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica AB
    It’s a great feeling to be able to take another important step into the public sector in Finland. This confirms yet again that Advenica’s offer is right. We’ll continue forward, with the ambition to keep up our growth pace.
    Mikael Puska, CEO, Advenica Oy
    With this order we take yet a step into the Finnish public sector with our products, services and know-how. We are in an expansive phase and notice a clearly growing demand for cybersecurity solutions that meet different organisation’s high demands for information security.
    Mikael Puska, CEO, Advenica Oy
    By meeting very high information security demands and providing for specific cybersecurity solution needs, we can contribute to continued development of our new customer and long-term to safer society.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica AB
    The Finnish market offers great potential. This order confirms yet again Advenica as a leading and trusted provider of high assurance solutions, but also the importance of local presence. Our sales force here has grown, and our new sales engineer was instrumental to landing this new customer.
    Mikael Puska, CEO Advenica Oy
    That Trafikverket chooses our VPN-technology, as one of the first customer outside the Defence industry, is fantastic. Advanced but also user friendliness is the future and that is exactly what we provide.
    Rune Bengtsson, VP Sales Enterprise, Advenica AB
    Protecting information from advanced cyber-attacks has become an increasing challenge that organisations today must face. We are proud to contribute to Sweden's cyber defense with products such as SecuriVPN which is developed to protect organisations' most valuable information.
    Andreas Häglund, VP Sales National Security, Advenica AB
    This is a significant order for Advenica. Arctic Paper is a new customer and, above all, a customer in an entirely new industry. The order confirms that our offer is right and our knowledge within the Top Secret / Secret segment is a competitive advantage. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of preventive work on information security.
    Rune Bengtsson, VP Sales, Enterprise Solutions, Advenica AB
    Arctic Paper has understood the need to strengthen our organization by including information security issues at the highest management level. We want to take a new hold of this challenge and initiate a cooperation with Advenica in this area.
    Cezary Dubicki, Group IT and Business Systems, Arctic Paper
    The most important thing for us as a company is that we meet our customers' needs, regardless of whether it is about our solutions or services. We value our customers returning to us and we see it as a sign that the service we deliver is of the highest quality.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica AB
    This proves that the importance of being locally present is crucial to achieving the confidence required within cybersecurity. The new customers represent different types of industries, which makes it an even bigger success for Advenica's office in Finland.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    It is amazing that very important customers and partners have responded quickly and positively to Advenica's establishment in Helsinki and that they see the value of our unique solutions and services. These are the initial orders required to establish a long-term business in Finland.
    Mikael Puska, CEO, Advenica Oy
    We at Advenica are proud to deliver our cybersecurity solutions to FMV. For many years, we have had a good relationship based on trust and we look forward to continue our cooperation.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    Today's sophisticated IT crimes require businesses to think differently and start focusing on what kind of information they want to take part of and pass through their networks, instead of only keeping the known harmful information out. This is a significant order for Advenica because it is a new project and we are proud that they have chosen our solutions to secure their flow of information.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    We see great potential in the Austrian market for the company's products and, just as in Finland, we want to invest fully in deepening our existing relationships by being locally present. With Markus' cybersecurity expertise and customer focus, we are able to expand our customer segment and our offer further in the Austrian market.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    Advenica is a well-known IT security provider at the highest level and I look forward to becoming a part of the company. With my knowledge of the cybersecurity market and customers, I see great potential for Advenica's solutions and to grow the business in the Austrian market.
    Markus Gursch, CEO, Advenica Austria
    After having worked for more than a decade with FMV, Advenica now has a strong position as a provider of cybersecurity for the Swedish authorities relying on FMV’s procurement responsibilities. Through development in close cooperation with the client comes both a deep understanding of their needs and a long-term, trusting relationship. We appreciate being selected to be part of this new mission and we look forward to contributing with our knowledge.
    Andreas Häglund, VP Sales National Security, Advenica AB
    This is yet another order placed on our data diodes within a short amount of time. We see that the approval of the data diodes is beginning to have an impact, and this transaction is a confirmation that our solutions meet the highest possible requirements to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of a solution.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    This agreement is yet another step in our ambition to create a larger customer base for our products in Finland. Dustin is a company with great and valuable experience of Advenica’s targeted audience and we look forward to the great opportunities that this partnership will bring to the market in Finland.
    Mikael Puska, CEO, Advenica Oy
    Advenica continues to invest in Professional Services to be able to offer a unique service offering for our existing and new customers. Therefore, it is very exciting to the company to welcome Staffan to our team.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    Advenica delivers advanced cybersecurity solutions and possesses a unique knowledge of the market that makes a big difference for digital solutions and communication. I therefore look very much forward to become part of the company and build Professional Services with a focus on developing the services offering. I am driven by creating a team with great commitment and working with cutting edge technology.
    Staffan Lundgren, VP Professional Services, Advenica AB
    It is extremely satisfying that such a large and important company have chosen our solutions. This is a significant step into a new market.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    Our network encryption is a fantastic solution that really takes this type of technology to new heights. This is confirmed by new and existing customers continuing to invest in our solutions, in fierce competition with the largest suppliers in Europe.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    Advenica continues to meet the strict requirements on technology, trust and delivery capacity held by military, government bodies and operators of critical infrastructure. Our long term work with developing business outside of Sweden also bears fruit, something this order is a good indication of.
    Andreas Häglund, Sales Director National Security, Advenica AB
    In our ambition to create a larger customer base for our products, this order is a milestone in the form of a significant customer within critical infrastructure. Our partner has done impressive work in supporting their customer through the selection process. We look forward to continue with this good cooperation.
    Anders Strömberg, VP Marketing, Advenica AB
    We are impressed by the quality of engineering work and the professional ways of Advenica. It is truly encouraging to see that the hard-work of both parties has paid-off. As an appointed sole distributor, this is not just a strategic win into a major establishment for Athena, but an important milestone and reference for both parties to chart the next level of pursuits in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region. We believe that this, coupled with Athena’s unique non-detection centric cybersecurity platforms, should bring about a new and unprecedented level of protection to organisations at large.
    Ken Soh, CEO, Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd
    This European organisation is a fantastic customer to gain. Advenica works with cutting edge technology for cybersecurity and we would of course like to have customers who also develops cutting-edge systems so in that, this organization can’t get any better.
    Anders Strömberg, VP Marketing, Advenica AB
    Advenica is one of few companies in Sweden that has the highest safety rating and delivers cybersecurity to protect companies and critical infrastructure. It’s an incredibly exciting company which I look forward to becoming a part of.
    Lars Nagy, Head of Development, Advenica AB
    We look forward to welcoming Lars Nagy to our team. Advenica is today the leading player in developing, manufacturing and selling advanced cybersecurity and we shall continue to lead the development of secure information exchange for tomorrow’s IT security.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    Advenica’s products are designed, developed and produced to attend to the most demanding customers’ requirements for a complete solution for high assurance delivery. Advenica is one of very few companies in the country and Europe who can do this. The fact that our customers return to us shows that we offer very good solutions, and that the customers are satisfied with the service we deliver. I am very pleased with what we as a company are achieving, our will to listen and take on our clients' needs.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    I look forward to start working as the CEO of Advenica Oy and to establish the company as a leading provider of cybersecurity also in Finland.
    Mikael Puska, CEO, Advenica Oy
    We are delighted to welcome Mikael Puska to the company and we are confident that he will do outstanding work on the Finnish market with his long experience within cybersecurity. We look forward to be able to offer an even higher level of service on the Finnish market to increase sales and delivery capacity.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    Because of Advenica’s extensive experience we know what the whole process from design, implementation and manufacturing requires. We value the trust as a supplier for this customer and to be able to continue to offer innovative cybersecurity technology.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    We’re looking forward to delivering these products to the customer in question and to deepen the relationship further. The need for secure information solutions continues to increase and Advenica are proud to provide authorities with effective solutions that meet the high demands of ensuring both the confidentiality and integrity of information exchange at various levels of security.
    Jonas Dellenvall, CTO, Advenica AB
    After conducting an extensive evaluation, NCSA has decided to approve the SecuriVPN ISA and SecuriVPN Arana for protection of information AUT GEHEIM/SECRET level.
    The Austrian Ministry of Defence (MoD), Abwehramt/NCSA
    We are extremely proud that the SecuriVPN network encryptors have been approved by the Austrian authorities to protect classified information at highest information security level. The approval validates and strengthens Advenicas position as a leading European provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions.
    Stefan Chevul, Product Manager, Advenica AB
    We are proud that the SecuriConnect has been approved by the Austrian authorities to protect classified information at RESTRICTED security level. The approval entrenches Advenica’s position as the leading European provider of innovative network encryptor solutions. The endorsement also opens up new opportunities for Advenica’s solutions, not only in the Austrian market, but also elsewhere.
    Stefan Chevul, Product Manager, Advenica AB
    We are proud to have received this order from a knowledgeable and competent customer. We believe that our effort into ensuring the quality and documenting the assurance level of this product have helped us to win this order. Our position at the European IT security market strengthens further thanks to this order.
    Jonas Dellenvall, CTO, Advenica AB
    We see great potential for our solutions in Finland but it requires that you invest in staff and expertise in place. That’s what we’re doing now. We will be at a completely different level when it comes to our availability and service in Finland because of this investment. We hope that the initiative is well received by our customers in Finland and that they see that we have high ambitions regarding our establishment.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    Handling personal data in a cloud service and not least in social media is a complex area. In the near future companies can be fined up to four percent of their global income and up to 20 million Euros if they don’t follow the new EU data protection law. At Advenica, we already offer services that prevents sensitive information that needs to be protected from ending up in the wrong hands.
    Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB
    The services that Advenica offers are used by nations and their security organisations. We are very proud to be the first ones offering future-proof solutions for Norwegian municipalities and authorities which will be legislated in the EU in 2018.
    Ernst M. Carlsen, CEO, Databanken AS
    We are happy to announce this signed agreement with the Austrian Defense Forces.
    Johan Eliasson, Regional Manager, Central Europe, Advenica AB
    Digital responsibility must begin today! The outcome of digital responsibility is for organizations to have a clear vision on what their cybersecurity goals and objectives should be. An index creates a good overview and can help provide an understanding on what areas needs improvement.
    Håkan Ahrefors, PhD CISA Security & Compliance Specialist, Advenica AB
    We are very pleased to see Advenica included in Gartner’s OT Security market guide as a Representative Vendor in the OT Security category. We understand the challenges facing critical infrastructure today with their need to optimize production, save resources and find new ways to serve their customer base. Sharing of information without comprise is a vital component.
    Lisa Quinn, Commercial Product Manager Cross Domain Solutions, Advenica
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