Affecto, a leading Northern European provider of data-driven solutions, has closed a deal acquiring BIGDATAPUMP to accelerate growth in cloud analytics across Finland and Scandinavia.

“From governments to private businesses, organizations require agile approaches in analytics to remain relevant,” states Affecto’s Deputy CEO Iikka Lindroos. “Affecto and BIGDATAPUMP’S combined capabilities can now power any Nordic organization moving in that data-driven direction.”

The companies have already begun joint delivery of an advanced data monetization project in Finland. Combining the strengths of BIGDATAPUMP with the Affecto brands Weave* and Karttakeskus*, the project was commissioned even prior to the finalization of BIGDATAPUMP’s acquisition deal  on 2 February 2017.

“Such instant customer validation,” notes Lindroos, “it directly attests to the uniqueness of our collective capabilities and to the real customer value we generate through working together.”

Sharing Success: Going Forward Together

BIGDATAPUMP, founded by ex-Nokia experts in Microsoft Azure and cloud analytics, is a natural fit for the Affecto family.

“Affecto’s unique combination of offerings like managed services and custom development especially complement BIGDATAPUMP’s capabilities,” states Martti Reilander, Managing Director of BIGDATAPUMP. “We’re definitely excited to see this partnership play out internationally soon.”

BIGDATAPUMP’s establishment in Scandinavia is already underway, with recruitment for several key Stockholm-based positions begun in January.

Working with world-class colleagues on pioneering projects, BIGDATAPUMP will retain its own brand and culture as it joins the Affecto PowerGrid of experts, which spans 20 offices across Northern and Baltic Europe.

About Affecto

Affecto powers data-driven companies to convert information to insight, advance insight to action, and sustain long-term data-driven solutions.

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*Weave is Affecto’s service design and agile software development unit
Karttakeskus is Affecto’s Geographical Information System company