We have had a record start to 2017 despite more intense competition in terms of price pressure and new challengers. The transformation of the financial services industry has just begun, and as consumers have more providers to choose from, they will need a better overview of their finances. We continue to improve our offering and user experience to satisfy customer needs. Avanza’s platform, customer focus and innovation capabilities are well suited to the new market climate.
Johan Prom, CEO Avanza
Our ambition is to constantly challenge the financial industry to our customers’ benefit, by offering products and services that are cheaper, better and simpler. We are still in the initial phase of the cooperation with Stabelo and I cannot yet say when we will have a completed mortgage loan offering
Johan Prom, CEO of Avanza
When Avanza was founded 18 years ago, the vision was to democratise savings and stock trading. Now, we aim to continue within other areas where customers can save hundreds – or even thousands – of SEK
Johan Prom continues
Satisfied customers is our most important target and it’s fantastic to receive this award for the seventh year in a row. We have had a strong growth the last two years, with close to 100,000 new customers only this year. Satisfied customers is the foundation of our business model and we are driven by constantly creating customer value
Johan Prom, CEO Avanza
Now that Avanza is taking its next major step forward, Johan Prom is an obvious choice as CEO with his genuine experience with consumers, services and customer service.
Sven Hagströmer, Chairman of the Board of Avanza
By offering free stock trading, we want to create an interest in stock savings among those who aren’t yet investing in equities. Through our simple decision-making tools, we also hope that those who don’t feel comfortable making their own investment decisions will realise how much fun stock investing can be and not let their money gather dust at a zero per cent interest in a savings account
Martin Tiveus, CEO of Avanza
More new customers and growing savings capital give us the opportunity to offer the market’s lowest prices. This is thanks to a modern IT platform with economies of scale and a leading cost position. This is our way of giving back to our customers, which is the essence of our business idea – more for you and less for the bank.
Martin Tiveus, CEO of Avanza
I am very proud that our efforts to create the best conditions for high pensions, with lower fees and better decision-making support, for Swedish savers give results. It is teamwork that makes it possible – product development, sales and administration – and the staff of Avanza Pension is therefore very happy to receive this prestigious award.
Annika Saramies, CEO Avanza Pension
Strong customer growth and trading activity balanced the effect of a falling repo rate. The operating result was in line with the first quarter 2015, while net inflow was weaker in the unsettled market.
Martin Tiveus, CEO Avanza
Against a background of increased marketing efforts over the quarter and the Swedish central bank's continued reductions in the repo rate, we have achieved our strongest growth in any individual quarter.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
Given the good results we have had in customer acquisition with increased marketing activities during the beginning of the year, we intend to continue the efforts in 2015. We therefore expect a cost increase rate of 8-10 per cent for the full year, compared with the previously announced 6-8 per cent.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
The falling interest rates have led to more Swedes reviewing their savings. The trend has been boosted by negative repo rates since early February, which can be seen in record-high customer inflows of over 30,000 net new active customers and net savings of SEK 10 billion during the first quarter.
Martin Tivéus, CEO of Avanza
New highs have been achieved in both customer inflow, with 55,000 new customers, and in net inflow of capital, by SEK 20 billion, for the whole of 2014. The 8.9 per cent of net inflow of capital into the Swedish savings market means that after the third quarter we have significantly exceeded our long-term goal to achieve a minimum 7 per cent.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
In 2015 the focus of our operations will be on three main areas: maintaining the company's strong rate of growth, developing our mobile presence, which should be ready by the summer, and continuing to achieve further efficiencies to improve scalability and quality.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
consequently SEK 20,100 m. “December was a great ending to a fabulous year from a growth perspective. With more than SEK 20 billion in net inflow during 2014 we nearly doubled the record growth in net inflow from 2013.
Martin Tivéus, CEO of Avanza
Net inflow continued to be strong in this quarter with SEK 4.6 billion, a doubling compared with the same period last year.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
The dramatic repo rate decrease at the beginning of the quarter negatively impacted our quarterly results by SEK 8 million, something which our increased volumes cannot compensate for in just one quarter.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
We have decreased the cost to savings capital ratio by 18 percent to 31 basis points during the last twelve months, which is clear evidence of the scalability of the operations.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
Since the beginning of the year, we have doubled our sales personnel through new recruitment in Stockholm and through the opening of an office in Gothenburg, which has seen a flying start with a strong inflow of occupational pension customers. As a result of this success, we will also open an office in Malmö, a strategically important location for us, in early 2015.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
Our brand promise, 'more money for you, less for the bank', continues to attract new customers to Avanza. With a new website, a new office in Gothenburg and a broader customer offering, it is with pride that we can look back over a first half year characterised by the highest growth ever in terms of the number of customers and net inflow of capital.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
We have decided to increase our long-term growth target to 30,000–40,000 new customers per year. We will also increase our annual long-term target to attract at least 5 percent of the total net inflow to the Swedish savings market to at least 7 percent.
Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza
Our ambition is to continue putting pressure on transaction fees for Swedish savers. The interest for American stocks is increasing and with higher volumes the fees can be lowered even more. For those interested in trading in American stocks there is much money to be saved by doing it through us rather than the big banks.
Martin Tivéus, Managing Director of Avanza
The ambition with our new mortgage is to create additional value for an important customer segment, while at the same time using our excess liquidity more effectively. We have a maximum lending capacity of SEK 1.5 billion so, first in, first served.
Martin Tivéus, Managing Director at Avanza Bank
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