About Us

Boostaboiler from Magnatech uses powerful magnetic technology to enhance your boiler’s efficiency while reducing fuel consumption. Less fuel means reduced bills and typical savings of around 10% each year. With an unlimited lifespan, the savings are endless, cutting your bills each and every year forever. It will also help reduce your carbon footprint, saving a typical household 370kg of CO₂ each year - that’s the equivalent of flying from London to Edinburgh! The device works by using proven magnetic technology to raise the temperature at which your boiler burns fuel, which in turn makes it burn more efficiently with less wastage. This allows your home to reach the desired temperature more quickly, so your boiler is on for less time. You burn less fuel, and cut your heating bills and carbon footprint all in one easy step. Most homes, however big or small, will benefit from a Boostaboiler and it will work alongside all types of hydro carbon burning boilers (gas, oil and LPG). To see in seconds which model is suitable for your home visit www.boostaboiler.co.uk.