ESS AB has chosen Cad-Q's cloud service BIMeye to streamline the construction of the world-unique research facility, ESS

STOCKHOLM, August 18, 2014 - To save time, simplify and increase the quality of projected materials ESS have chosen to use BIMeye (with Cad-Q's cloud services for BIM) in the construction of a unique interdisciplinary material research center where scientists can study the materials of the future; everything from plastics and proteins to medicines.

ESS is a multi-disciplinary research laboratory based at the world's most powerful neutron source. It will be built in Lund, Sweden and Denmark as host countries and a total of 17 European partners. At the plant the researchers will be able to study the materials of the future - everything from plastics and proteins to medicines - at the atomic and molecular level to understand how they are constructed and learn more about their properties.

European Spallation Source ESS AB whish is building the plant will conduct the construction project as a BIM process with respect to the tools and methodology.

BIMeye with Cad-Q's cloud services for BIM (Building Information Modeling), will give all stakeholders in the project, the ability to efficiently manage and distribute critical information, as well as the ability to analyze, revise and supplement the information that other players in the BIM process provides the service.

"Based on our clients' requirements and expectations of this world unique facility, our focus on BIM and collaboration with Cad-Q, with their expertise and services regarding this, feels as a good complement to our the strategies in order to reach the goal with the project”, says Fredrik Osterberg, Risk / BIM / Systems Engineering at the Conventional Facilities ESS AB.

"Cad-Q is the leading supplier of engineering tools and BIM process support to the construction industry. We can, with our cloud service BIMeye, provide ESS with the support to ensure efficient work processes around building design. They can save time, simplify and especially increase the quality of the projected material during the expected six years period of the construction”, says Mats Persson, Business Unit Manager, Project Services at Cad-Q. 

For more information please contact:
Mats Persson
, Business Unit Manager, Project Services, Northern Europe, Cad-Q Group
Phone: +46 31 703 23:53, mobile: +46 70 603 48 20, email: 

Fredrik Osterberg
, Risk / BIM / Systems Engineering, Conventional Facilities ESS AB
Phone: +46 46 888 31 60, mobile: +46 72 179 21 60, email: 

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About the ESS 
The European Spallation Source (ESS) is an interdisciplinary research center based at the world's most powerful neutron source. The new facility will be approximately 30 times more powerful than today's leading facilities, enabling new opportunities for researchers in the fields of life sciences, energy, environmental, heritage and fundamental physics. More information: