About Us

Caorunn is handcrafted and small batch Scottish gin that is infused with handpicked botanicals, inspired by Celtic tradition. Handcrafted in ScotlandProduced at the critically acclaimed Balmenach Distillery in Speyside, the gin is crafted with Highland spring water from a pristine boreal forest. It is then distilled in a unique Copper Berry Chamber with a combination of traditional and local botanicals that are foraged from the surrounding hills. The handpicked Celtic botanicals include: Rowan Berry, Heather, Bog Myrtle, Dandelion and Coul Blush Apple. The traditional botanicals include: Cassia Bark, Angelica Root, Juniper, Orange Peel, Coriander and Lemon Peel. Visit here for company and product information: http://www.caorunngin.com/