About Us

CME (Click Media Entertainment) was founded by Robert Davies in 2005 and is a UK entertainment based record label, management and production company whilst also offering consulting services to record labels, music managers, artists, bands, writers and celebrities as well as brands and companies outside of the entertainment industry wishing to promote, advertise or develop their products, services or brand awareness. Robert Davies has previously worked at Sony Music Entertainment, Syco Music Entertainment, and Electronic Arts within marketing and eCommerce. Robert’s previous experience covers a wide range of campaigns such as; Madcon, George Sampson, John Legend, Kelly Rowland, FIFA 10, FIFA Manager, The Sims 3, Need For Speed and more. Robert has also built up a number of clients over the years and in 2010 was involved with the hit TV series Pineapple Dance Studios on Sky 1 along with Louie Spence’s Showbusiness in 2011. In August 2011 Robert signed celebrity glamor model and now body builder ‘Jodie Marsh’ and has completed Jodie’s recent come back into the media and public eye with two fantastic TV shows. Robert is also a signed songwriter and producer with his own music publishing deal with Notting Hill Music Publishing via 23rd Precinct Music.