About Us

Cloudware City is a service run by Cloudware Hosting Limited, a company set up in the United Kingdom (based near Warrington, Cheshire), specifically aimed at providing services that assist in the rapid and relatively risk-free sales and deployment for online application, service and content providers. Cloudware City was set up specifically to address the billing and subscription needs of online content providers. Cloudware City uses the latest web technologies to provide easy, seamless access to a fully featured subscription billing and authentication management platform. Delivering easy to use subscriptions billing to content providers of all sizes allows the content providers to concentrate on their own business whilst Cloudware City handles subscriptions. The paid for membership service offers the following mechanisms to web software developers, service and content providers (Vendors): * Reselling subscriptions to end users (or for free) without PCI compliance worries. * Authenticate and validate user base to ensure only valid, subscribed users gain access through the unique Website Authentication API. * Inclusive Marketing of web applications/online services in the Web App Store. * Analyse sales statistics * Forget about the cost and pain of setting up shopping carts, merchant accounts, payment gateways and administration of user accounts and security. Simple-to-use plugins for popular content management systems and developer kits are available as free downloads for those requiring more technical integrations. Hassle Halved - Success Shared.