Huthwaite Survey Reveals Marketing Is Failing to Deliver

Global Quarterly Survey Points to the Need For Better Marketing

Arlington, VA – September 14, 2011 –Marketing departments failed to generate enough significant leads for businesses to hit set sales targets in the last quarter. That’s according to a new survey of more than 6,400 sales managers, marketing executives and general managers.

The survey by Huthwaite, the world’s leading sales performance improvement organization, revealed fewer than 10 percent of sales executives, managers and directors were happy with the number of leads generated by their marketing teams with 44.9 percent indicating they could do with more leads and 30.1 percent saying they were receiving nowhere near enough.

Marketing executives and managers offered an only slightly better assessment of their departments, with almost 49 percent indicating they could do better in generating leads and only 15.6 percent stating they were very happy with the number of leads.

Huthwaite’s most recent survey, which polled senior staff from such diverse as banking and finance, information technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, professional services, advertising and media, real estate and retail, also found strong dissatisfaction in the quality of leads being produced.

Only 10.2 percent of sales staff sampled rated the quality of leads they received as high while 31.6 percent described the leads being generated as low quality.

Huthwaite President and CEO John Golden said the survey results showed marketing had to urgently lift its game in the current ultra competitive marketplace.

“More than 80 percent of the businesses that didn’t hit their sales targets said they had either received not enough or nowhere near enough leads from their marketing departments while only 7.1 percent described their leads as high quality,” said Golden.

“These results point to a strong dissatisfaction with marketing departments across the board and account for why we’re seeing the creation of the “Chief Revenue Officer” role and the implementation of new strategies to aid in banging sales and marketing heads together to deliver new customers and drive top line results.”

The full survey results can be downloaded here:


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