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    I’m honored to have the opportunity to lead MHI Global, because of the enormous potential this new combination of powerhouse companies brings to the marketplace. As president of MHI Global, I look forward to continuing working with our dedicated and talented team to build innovative products that help our customers further add value to the services they provide their customers.
    Byron Matthews, President and General Manager of MHI Global.
    Women in the U.S. have incredible spending power and influence. They control more than $7 trillion in domestic spending and make 85 percent of purchase decisions across most major categories. Of 104 million single people in the country, 54 percent are women. We know that they spend more per year, on average, than men, and offer an array of opportunities for marketers. And yet, marketers are falling short in winning them over.
    Jessica Ritzo, Director of Qualitative Research with IIM
    “Sales, like sports, is filled with winners and losers, adversaries and advocates, strategy and planning. Just as world-class athletes are heroes with lessons to share, these leading sales organizations have fought a long, hard battle to come out on top. In sharing their insights, they can help others forge a similar path. By conducting this annual study, MHI Research is providing the foundation for benchmarking organizations against top performers, based on industries, geographies, sales roles and more.”
    Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer and Executive Vice President with the MHI Research Institute
    “The Skin Transformation Kit and the Karma Kit+ offer the gift of visibly hydrated skin, thanks to Karuna’s award-winning, serum-infused sheet masks. It’s a gift that will be remembered long after the holidays, when still feels bright and youthful.”
    Linda Wang, founder of Karuna
    We know women hold the purse strings, and yet, our research shows that only 9 percent of women feel as though marketers are effectively marketing to them. That’s not only frustrating to the marketers, themselves, who spend millions on messaging, it’s frustrating to the women who feel as though they’re misunderstood. And they’re taking their hard-earned cash elsewhere because of it.
    Brian Fletcher, VP of Consulting Services
    We’ve uncovered a trove of information about character traits, social interaction, goals, motivators and the list goes on. When you read through the information, you’ll be saying to yourself, ‘Yep, I know her. Uh huh, I know who that is. Wait that’s me!’ The information is that spot-on, and it’s going to really shift the way marketers communicate with women.
    Brian Fletcher, VP of Consulting Services
    “GoPicnic® sells extremely well on colleges campuses. These ready-to-eat meals, snack kits and breakfasts are convenient, require no preparation and are perfect for between class, refueling at the library or taking a study break on the quad. We receive requests for GoPicnic® on campus constantly. These ready-to-eat meals and snack kits are the delicious and quick foods students are looking for.”
    Steven Scheyer, CEO and President of GoPicnic®
    “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that many people don’t take advantage of due to late starts and busy schedules. A recent NPD Group study found that over 31 million people are skipping breakfast daily. Our mission is to help decrease that number by providing convenient, flavorful and healthy meals.”
    Steven Scheyer, President and CEO of GoPicnic
    “When a company’s strategic plan is formulated around the insights it has gleaned from the consumer, success is imminent. Too often, businesses think that they’re calling all the shots. Executives lose sight of one of the most important lessons, and that is that the customer comes first. Listen to what the consumer wants and respond, and you’re on your way to a business victory.”
    Brian Fletcher, VP of Consulting Services with Insights in Marketing
    “While women are incredibly sophisticated and complex, marketing to them doesn’t have to be,” said Craig. “This book outlines who women are, what motivates their behavior and how to influence that behavior. It’s surprisingly simple, and yet, to date, businesses have been led astray, time and time again.”
    Tinesha Craig, division director of i-on-Women™
    Our blend of 16 herbs and spices is complex and of the highest quality possible. We select the cleanest nicest all natural ingredients we can. Outer Spice saves you time, money and adds value to your meals. It will change the way you cook and eat.
    Ben Stevens
    By observing-and conducting-countless hours of marketing research, the Senior Marketing Consultants at IIM uncovered critical research trends that will become increasingly important when diving deeper into consumer behavior and market effectively to consumers.
    Brian Fletcher, Vice President of Consulting Services at IIM
    Ringya is the first mobile app that allows users to effortlessly upload contact lists, simply by snapping a photo of paper lists.
    Gal Nachum, Ringya co-founder and CEO
    “Ringya has embraced and nurtured this new way of collaboration by allowing smartphone users to stay on top of ever-changing contact lists, share Rings effortlessly, and communicate efficiently.”
    Gal Nachum, Ringya co-founder and CEO
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