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Ed Copley, a Master artist whose work is collected around the globe. But the genes of artistic genius that make Ed Copley (www.edcopleyfineart.com) one of world’s finest painters are more than just heredity. Copley is known as a modern-day old master when it comes to art because he paints with an ‘old master’ technique - mixing his own paints, adding glazes, stretching his own canvas and even carving a frame for that special masterpiece. And for the artistic genes, John Singleton Copley was the greatest American painter of the 18th century. His great, great, great grandson Ed Copley is following in those footsteps in the 21st century. Copley notes that longevity is the test of the legacy of an artist. "Look around at the great museums and see what stands the test of time. It is classical art, which is something that people can relate to and understand,” explains Copley. “It is a responsibility if you are going to execute quality paintings. It requires a lot of study, work and sensitivity. Every artist must try to accomplish his or her highest level of excellence.” With a classical attention to composition, meticulous attention to his use of light and devotion to the Old World application and mixing of his own pigments, Copley paintings are masterpieces. Copley also uses a glazing technique which develops richness in detail and color without the use of heavy applications of paint. But because it is such a slow process, few artists choose to use it at the present time. Video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfpItEq2URo If you have ever stood in awe in front of a great painting and wondered how on earth they created it then you can understand why restoration work can be so challenging,” Copley said. "Answers to the mystery of how they painted came via my work in the restoration and conservation of old paintings. Art restoration is a highly specialized field that requires several unrelated skills from its practitioners. Those who excel in art restoration are combination scientist, historian, artist and exceptionally talented craftsman all rolled into one.”