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Fluffy’s Guardian AngelDonald Bussel, Author Fluffy is a precocious, fun-loving little dog who loves to play — especially outdoors. The trouble begins when she goes out to play in the snow and gets lost. For weeks, Fluffy goes on an endless quest to get back home — without success. Compounding matters are her close encounters with big, menacing bears and snarling cougars — critters whom she thought would like to devour her. All the while, Fluffy feels that someone is watching her from a distance — and strangely protecting her. Who could this mysterious being be? Inspired by a real-life incident that befell on Donald Bussel and his four-legged best friend, Fluffy’s Guardian Angel is a colorful, fun-filled children’s picture book that will teach young readers some very important lessons about life. “When Fluffy returned from her odyssey, I could only say, ‘If she could only talk, what kind of story would she tell?’”says the author. “I have attempted to retrace her steps using the known terrain and what she must have gone through” Vividly brought to life by the illustrations of Michigan artist Frank Roosa, Fluffy’s Guardian Angel is one “heavenly” addition to any child’s book collection! The Foreword of Fluffy’s Guardian Angel: “It was a cold December winter morning in Missouri. There was snow on the ground from an overnight snowfall. The air was crisp and the only tracks on the new fallen snow were of the wildlife encircling the house. I opened the door and let Fluffy out to take her morning romp in the snow. Naturally she was excited about the new fallen snow and she started to explore in a farther circle than she normally covered. She did not return and I started to become concerned about her. Following is the adventure of Fluffy and what surely was her Guardian Angel, which lasted four weeks in the bitter cold of the Missouri winter. This narration is in Fluffy’s mind and eye.” - Don Bussel, author and firefighter - Fluffy’s Guardian Angel by Donald Bussel – ISBN# 978-1-4363-1524-1