About Us

The digital landscape is changing; your media management strategy needs to change with it. But change can be a force for good: ECI, the market’s fastest growing global media management company, can help you make your media budget generate higher value, harnessing these changes. Ours is a new breed of media auditing and performance management company. We are leading the charge when it comes to sophisticated media benchmarking services, delivering higher value, and making a media-led impact. Our approach to digital media is forensic and fact based, and we make use of world-class talent and proprietary technology to maximize your firm’s digital impact. Today’s dynamic and fast-paced media landscape requires data-driven decision making, global experience and a firm grasp of innovative technologies. ECI offers all of these things, and more, from media auditing to KPI setting and management, and pitch consulting. We operate across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Our clients are some of the world’s largest advertisers, and our network of owned offices and leading affiliates support them through high level media intelligence and rigorous benchmarking. Ultimately, we provide the in-sight, experience, and savvy that assists our clients in making sure that their advertising expenditure and agency relationships generate higher value.