About Us

Element Mobile is a Central Wisconsin wireless carrier headquartered in Wisconsin Rapids. Our goal is to enhance Central Wisconsin everyday life by connecting our neighbors with friends and families, pastimes and passions. Like the customers we serve, we’re down-to-earth, hard-working, genuine, fun-loving and no-nonsense. That’s really what we mean by Common Sense Wireless™. As neighbors, we understand how you live; what you like to do; and how your phone can make things easier for you, whether at work or play. With our unmatched national and local coverage, it doesn’t matter whether you’re boating, snowshoeing, hunting, making sales calls, trail-walking or just enjoying time with friends—you can call, text or tweet anyone, anywhere. Combine our great selection of devices with really simple, no-nonsense plans, programs and promotions, and you’ve got exactly what you need to help you live your life and pursue your passions.