About Us

Fastems is a factory automation supplier. We produce flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and robot cells for automating metal cutting CNC machine tools. We work together with all major metal cutting machine tool manufacturers and integrate their products into automation solutions. Flexible manufacturing systems are used to automate pallet-based machining centers. Fastems offers a wide range of systems: from the FPC that is a cost-efficient alternative to a traditional pallet pool to MLS systems that can be fully customized. The heart of all Fastems FMS systems is a sophisticated control system that can schedule production based on the production orders, manage and transfer NC programs, and run unmanned production. The user interface runs on Microsoft Windows. The MLS systems can store material pallets as well as machining pallets and thus manage material handling. Other advanced features include tool data management and even a central tool storage (CTS) that stores tools and transfers them to the machine tools as needed – significantly reducing the number of tools needed for production. The robot cells are used to automate machine tools that are not pallet-based, such as lathes. Fastems robot cells can run unmanned production and are strikingly easy to use thanks to the FastWizard touch screen user interface. In addition to our own products, Fastems also imports machine tools, robots, injection molding machines, and accessories to Finland and Lithuania. Fastems has sales and service offices in Finland, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, United Kingdom, and the USA. Furthermore, we have sales offices in Lithuania, Spain, and Japan as well as authorized dealers in the Benelux and Mexico. In addition to training courses for our own factory automation systems, Fastems offers training for Fanuc robots and Fagor, Siemens, and Heidenhain controls. Our training facilities are in Finland and Sweden.Specialties lean manufacturing systems, cnc machine automation, lathe automation, flexible automation systems (FMS), agile production, JIT, JOT, kanban, tool data management, centralized tool storage