Hafslund - Kristin Lian new Senior Vice President Networks

Kristin Lian (b. 1974) has been appointed new Senior Vice President Networks in Hafslund and new CEO of Hafslund Nett AS from 1 March.

Ms. Lian has been Director for Network Ownership, a division within Networks, since December 2010, where she was responsible for investment decisions and the development of Hafslund’s regional and distribution networks. Ms. Lian has previously been Director of Planning within Networks and divisional manager within Hafslund Operating Central. Ms. Lian joined Viken Energinett in 1999, which later became part of Hafslund Networks.

Ms. Lian holds a master degree within electrical engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Jens Auset leaves the group management to take on other responsibilities within Hafslund.

Hafslund ASA
Oslo, 1 March 2013

For further information:

CEO, Finn Bjørn Ruyter, tel. +47 911 38 199
Senior Vice President Networks, Kristin Lian, tel. +47 901 27 215
Senior Vice President Corporate communications and public affairs, Johan Chr. Hovland, tel. +47 917 63 491


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