Hiddn Solutions ASA ("Hiddn", "The Company") establishes an advisory board with market leading competency within digital espionage, economic crime, white collar crime, as well as industrial scaling and international commercialisation of Norwegian technology.

The Company's new advisory board consists of:

Kjell Grandhagen
Retired Lt. General with 43 years of experience from the Norwegian Army, and the former Head of the Norwegian Intelligence Services for six years until January 2016.

Petter Gottschalk 
Professor at the Norwegian Business School with specialty in cybercrime, white collar and organised crime, formerly CEO of amongst others the Norwegian Computing Center and Norwegian Information Technology A/S.

Ola Tronrud
One of Norway's leading industry developers, founder and owner of Tronrud Engineering and the owner of Moss Jern- og Stanseindustri AS.

Svenn-Tore Larsen
CEO of Nordic Semiconductor ASA and former Nordic Director of Xilinx Inc., the world's largest developer and manufacturer of programmable logic devices known as FPGAs.

"The threats in the digital space are serious and growing rapidly, exhibited by the new forms of crime associated with cyber threats, data theft, fraud, extortion and eventually manipulation, as was the case around the recent US elections. One of the most effective remedies against this that individuals or enterprises can adopt, is end encryption. Here Hiddn has developed a unique solution", says Kjell Grandhagen.

"Cybercrime is a major international problem. Most people are terrified of attacks and take cybercrime seriously, but they have insufficient knowledge to understand how to deal with it. Failure to understand and helplessness leave attackers, burglars, identity thieves, swindlers, spies, terrorists, paedophiles and other computer criminals with free rein. One measure that obviously helps against cybercrime, is encryption. Hiddn, with its world-leading encryption technology, is exciting in that way, where I also would like to contribute", says Petter Gottschalk.

"Cybercrime, and the technology to withstand it, evolves at an exponential pace globally and Hiddn is very pleased to have attracted the highest expertise in this area Norway has to offer. These individuals possess essential skills and experience to contribute to making Hiddn an international success," says CEO Tore Viana-Rønningen

About Hiddn Solutions ASA

Hiddn Solutions ASA is a publicly traded company situated in Oslo, Norway listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker HIDDN. The Company is a supplier of proprietary hardware-based authentication and encryption products to military, government and large institutions.

The Company's products and unique software forms part of the global cybersecurity market which is expected to grow from its current level of USD 60 billion to USD 76 -128 billion by 2020. Hiddn's software has further potential for application in the retail and industrial internet of things, a market expected to grow from USD 7 billion to USD 29 billion by 2020.

Hiddn has made significant progress in certification and approval processes with leading national approval authorities in Europe and the US for its hardware encryption solutions. Hiddn is currently facing a commercial scaling of its products and has commenced efforts on establishing strategic alliances and reseller agreements with leading European partners.

Contact person: CEO, Tore Viana-Rønningen (phone +47 911 08 693)

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5 -12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.


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