Badger Explorer ASA - Successful Drilling Test in Clay Formation

Badger Explorer ASA has performed and completed a successful drilling test in a clay formation. The test has been conducted at the test site at Sola and is the first of two Milestone 3 tests of the Badger Explore Prototype Program.  

The Sola test has been carried out in a clay formation that holds other operational challenges than drilling in a sand/limestone formation. The final analysis of the gained test results has yet to be performed.  

”The obtained test results are valuable. Even though much of the analysis work still remains, we can already state that the first part of Milestone 3 has led to more valuable results than anticipated. Drilling in clay is demanding and BXPL will therefore continue to develop solutions that will make drilling in clay with the Badger Explorer stable. We are looking forward to the Brumunddal test and will mobilize for it immediately.” says Kjell Erik Drevdal, CEO of Badger Explorer ASA. 

The Badger Explorer Demo50 that was used for the drilling test has primarily been built for less demanding formations such as sand- and limestone. Therefore, it has been necessary to significantly upgrade the tool, for example the hydraulic system. The tool’s improved performance ability will lead to better, more relevant and reliable results during the upcoming test.

The drilling test was performed with the redesigned tool and has taken place in a continuous operation over several hours. The test site at Sola is now being demobilized and the tool is being cleaned and prepared before its transport to Brumunddal where the next test, a deeper drilling-operation in sandstone, will take place. In the upcoming test the Badge Explorer will drill itself considerably deeper than before, but still retrievable for analysis.

The final test is planned to be executed in the course of the next month, in this way the Prototype Program’s Milestone 3 will be concluded by the end of June.

Stavanger, 30 May 2011    

For further information, please contact:
Kjell Erik Drevdal, CEO, cell phone +47 916 43 552, office +47 52 97 45 15
Gunnar Dolven, CFO, cell phone +47 908 53 168, office +47 52 97 45 40


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The Badger Explorer is a technology for exploring and mapping hydrocarbon resources. The tool is equipped with logging sensors and communication solutions. The tool drills into and buries itself in the underground. It operates at a lower risk, lower costs and less complexity than a drilling rig.