Idogen has been granted a patent in the USA for its immune therapy technology

Idogen AB (”Idogen”) today announces that the United States Patent & Trademark Office (”USPTO”) has granted a patent covering the company’s technology for tolerogenic immune therapy. This technology forms the basis of the new therapies developed by Idogen to prevent the immune system from disabling the standard treatment of hemophilia, as well as causing rejection of transplanted organs. Patents in the same patent family have previously been granted in Japan and in Europe. The new patent in USA will provide Idogen’s immune therapy technology with important and broad protection in a key market and significantly strengthens the company’s patent portfolio.

The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) issued in March 2017 a “Notice of Allowance” and has now formally granted a patent, US 9,839,674, for Idogen’s Patent Application No. 14/553,098. The patent belongs to Idogen’s second patent family and covers the use of the company´s immune technology for treatment of autoimmune diseases and tolerance of transplanted organs. The patent term extends to December 20, 2031. A related patent application is pending in Canada. The granted patent complements the Japanese and European granted patents in this family and an earlier European patent in Idogen’s first patent family, granted in December 2013.  

“The patent now granted provides strong intellectual property protection in the world's largest pharmaceutical market, thereby significantly increasing the commercial potential of our innovative tolerogenic immunotherapies”, Idogen´s CEO Lars Hedbys comments.

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This is an English version of an original Swedish press release communicated by Idogen AB. In case of interpretation issues or possible differences between the different versions, the Swedish version shall apply. This constitutes information that Idogen AB is required to publish under the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication through the above contact person on the 12th of December 2017.

Idogen develops tolerogenic immune therapies which re-program the immune system. The term "tolerogenic" refers to that the immune system will tolerate the selected molecule after treatment. It represents a new treatment method for severe diseases with a large medical need currently lacking cure – such as autoimmune diseases, organ rejection after transplantation and patients without treatment after developing antibodies against standard treatment.
The treatment method comprises cells from the patient's blood being reprogrammed to dendritic cells with the capacity to specifically counteract the adverse immune reaction, without affecting the other immune function. The first indication for the therapy will be patients with the bleeding disorder hemophilia A who have developed an immunological reaction against their necessary factor VIII replacement. The company's next therapeutic area will be a tolerogenic vaccine to counteract organ rejection in transplantation, primarily kidney transplantation. Idogen’s tolerogenic immune therapy is expected to reduce the need for immunosuppressive therapy and increase transplant survival, and thereby reduce the risk of cancer and serious infections.
Idogen was founded in 2008 based on a fundamental immunological discovery at Lund University. For more information, visit


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Idogen AB (Spotlight Stock Market: IDOGEN) is a Swedish biotechnology company based in Lund. Idogen develops tolerogenic cell therapies to prevent the patient’s immune system from attacking biological agents, transplanted organs or the body’s own cells or tissues. Idogen’s intention is to revolutionize the treatment of several disorders in which the body’s immune system does not function as it should, and for which there is a major unmet medical need – such as in autoimmune diseases, organ transplant rejection and in patients who have developed anti-drug antibodies.




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The patent now granted provides strong intellectual property protection in the world's largest pharmaceutical market, thereby significantly increasing the commercial potential of our innovative tolerogenic immunotherapies
Lars Hedbys, CEO Idogen AB