About Us

Welcome to the International Guild of Realism. Our mission is to advance realism in fine art through museum exhibitions, art gallery shows, workshops and education programs conducted by our Members, marketing support and Internet exposure. For us, “realism” ranges from classical realism (based upon the traditional, academic-style painting techniques) to contemporary realism (where cutting edge techniques and subject matter are used to comment on today’s world). Trompe l’oeil, photorealism, surrealism, and super-realism are some of the genres included within the range of realism choices for modern artists, as well. The International Guild of Realism was founded by a group of leading professional realism artists from around the globe in 2002 with four goals: • Recognizing the best realists working today• Creating exhibition opportunities• Providing technical and promotional support• To offer a bridge between art collectors and the highest quality realist art, created by our members It’s all based upon the proven belief that the more art lovers of the world have access to high-quality realism, the greater the value these paintings will have. Value not just in monetary terms, but in appreciation, understanding and international attention. For art collectors, we create juried exhibitions in museums and galleries that span as many aspects of realism as possible so that they can see the panorama of international work in this field in one show. For museums, we curate themed exhibitions that provide a snapshot of where realism is today. For fellow artists, we provide information about workshops conducted by members and magazine features about realism techniques so that the quality of the art form continues to improve around the world. It’s all based upon one simple premise: The more realism artists succeed in the competitive art world, the greater the benefit to the art lovers of the world.