Change in the holding of Kesko Corporation's treasury shares

Kesko has today transferred a total of 65,652 own B shares (KESKOB) held by the company in treasury to members of Kesko's management and other named key persons included in the target group of the 2017 performance period of Kesko's share-based commitment and incentive plan. 

The share transfer is based on the decision of Kesko's Board of Directors, announced in a stock exchange release on 1 February 2018, to grant own B shares held by the company in treasury, on the basis of the fulfilment of the performance criteria of the transitional share-based commitment and incentive plan (Bridge Plan) for the performance period 2017. The figure cited in the release of 1 February 2018 (133,751 B shares) represents gross earnings, from which the applicable withholding tax has been deducted and the remaining net amount has been paid to the participants in Kesko’s B shares. 

After the transfer of the shares, Kesko holds 499,435 own B shares as treasury shares. 

Further information is available from Senior Corporate Counsel Saara Helminen,
tel. +358 105 322 602.

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