Keliber's lithium chemical plant will be located in Kokkola

Keliber ("the company") has decided to locate the lithium chemical plant ("chemical plant") in Kokkola Industrial Park ("KIP").

Keliber continues to prepare the lithium production as a solution of two production sites. The company's lithium deposits and future mines are located in Kaustinen, Kokkola and Kruunupyy. The ore from the mines will be processed in the concentration plant at Kaustinen Kalavesi. The lithium chemical plant, where the spodumene concentrate is further processed into lithium carbonate, will be located in Kokkola KIP area.

KIP area has ready and established industrial infrastructure. Similarly, a variety of industrial commodities and services needed by Keliber are available in the area. Also, the water treatment and waste treatment solutions are already in place. Several major chemical industry players are located in the area, with co-operation in access control, security and other safety services, fire and rescue duties and statutory environmental monitoring.

"After extensive and careful review, we decided to place our lithium chemical plant in Kokkola KIP area. The decision was particularly based on the ready infrastructure of the KIP area, availability of a variety of commodities and services and the environmental aspects of existing water treatment and waste management solutions. In addition, the location of the chemical plant in Kokkola will give us more flexibility in the future in different market conditions. We also recognize that this decision has a positive impact on funding negotiations and future financing of our lithium production," says Mr. Pertti Lamberg, CEO of Keliber Oy.

For further information, please contact:

Pertti Lamberg, CEO, tel. +358 50 5991 189