Spring Trend Report: Ergonomic Solutions from RTA Products for All Personalities

Redefine your work (and play) spaces with ergonomic solutions from RTA Products’ The Sharper Image® and 2COOL® lines of stylish & revolutionary laptop stands. 

Miramar, Florida – March 13, 2012 - RTA Products LLC is excited to release their Spring 2012 Trend Report, featuring the latest additions to their new ergonomic solutions lines, The Sharper Image® and 2COOL®. The report outlines how the features of these innovative ergonomic solutions suit the lifestyles of all creative personalities.

The Music-Lover: The Sharper Image Stereo Desk (RTA-SIM1102) allows users to play high-quality stereo music. It’s equipped with designer double-wheel non-marking casters for exceptional mobility, a large cooling fan to keep laptops from overheating, and can be activated using a laptop, or without a laptop via the included AC Adapter. Also ideal for musicians, the 2COOL 2C-SK31H2 ergonomic laptop stand’s 2-USB port hub makes connecting instruments and recording music a breeze, whilst its three cooling fans silently keep laptops from overheating. While editing or working, its full keyboard allows users to accomplish tasks on their laptops with ease, and its ergonomic design helps prevent neck strain.

The Communicator: The Sharper Image Laptop Stand with Speakers (RTA-SISS107F) features high-quality speakers to ensure you don’t miss a word while video chatting, or playing your favorite music. This stand includes a quiet and efficient cooling fan to prevent laptops from overheating. It also incorporates a USB microphone and LED light each mounted on a flexible neck, along with a 3-Port USB hub to make staying connected a breeze.

The Foodie: The 2COOL 2C-SK11H2 positions laptops at the ideal angle so that aspiring chefs can easily glance at a recipe on their screens or follow along with a cooking show without missing a beat. Users will also enjoy that the Trendy Laptop Stand features a built-in full size keyboard and fully functional touchpad, prevents neck strain, and offers an open back design to allow heat to escape, keeping laptops cool.

“With the advent of our innovative ergonomic laptop stands and mobile accessories lines, our goal is to revolutionize how consumers experience their laptops,” said Gabe Dickstein, Managing Director of RTA Products. “RTA Products’ ergonomic solutions were developed to be ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing, with the varied needs and passions of users in mind, to ensure that no matter what they use their devices for, they’ll be able to enjoy them for hours without compromising on comfort or style.”

To view the full Spring Trend Report by RTA Products, which encompasses ergonomic solutions for all creative personalities, visit: http://blog.rtaproducts.com/2012/03/ergonomic-laptop-stands-spring-2012-trend-report/.

To view RTA Products’ guide to ergonomic solutions for all work personalities, visit: http://blog.rtaproducts.com/2011/12/ergonomic-laptop-stands-holiday-gift-guide/

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Founded in 2002 RTA Products leverages more than 35 years of experience in the consumer products marketplace and specializes in creating quality ergonomic products that provide innovative workspace solutions for both the home and professional office. The RTA Products brand portfolio includes a variety of ergonomic solutions ranging from the 2COOL line of ergonomic laptop stands and tablet accessories, The Sharper Image line of ergonomic laptop stands and tablet accessories, home office chairs and desks, and the TECHNI Mobili line of ready-to-assemble home office desks and chairs. For additional information about RTA Products visit www.rtaproducts.com.

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