Miris launches Miris Calibration Control Kit™

Today, Miris launches its proprietary standard solution Miris Calibration Control Kit (MCC). MCC is a consumable to be used as a control for the Miris Human Milk Analyzer (HMA). The kit is a mandatory procedure to be performed every day the HMA instrument is being used before analysis can start. The purpose is to control the calibration of the HMA instrument.

Miris has strengthened its product portfolio with the Miris Calibration Control Kit (MCC). The kit consists of two different concentrations of a standard solution: Miris Calibration Control 1 (MCC1) and Miris Calibration Control 2 (MCC2). MCC1 and MCC2 are standardized solutions with known concentrations of fat, protein and carbohydrates that are used to control the calibration of Miris Human Milk Analyzer (HMA).

Since the approval of MCC in October, the product has gone through beta-site testing to ensure quality and optimize customer usage. It has also been CE-marked. Use of the MCC will be mandatory for both new and existing customers. With the launch of MCC, Miris introduces another standardization in the process of analyzing breast milk for individual nutrition for preterm babies. Together with Miris Ultrasonic Processor and Miris Heater, MCC represents the most important surrounding products needed for analysis with Miris HMA to be controlled and reproducible. 

“An important milestone has been reached by Miris; a proprietary standard solution to secure the quality of breast milk analysis. At the same time, we strengthen the product portfolio with a new consumable. This is an important part of establishing long-term growth and stability for both the market and the company. I am proud of what the Miri's team has achieved with the development of MCC. Once again, we deliver according to plan, a strategically important component in ensuring high quality of individual nutrition based on breast milk for preterm infants” says Camilla Myhre Sandberg, CEO. 

Uppsala January 29th, 2018

For more information, contact:

Camilla Myhre Sandberg, CEO
Miris Holding AB

Tel: 018-14 69 07

E-mail: camilla.sandberg@mirissolutions.com 

Miris is a global company developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling solutions for human milk analysis. The products are being used at neonatal intensive care units, milk banks and research centers worldwide. The purpose is to enable clinicians to individualize nutrition of breast milk through target fortification, giving preterm babies the best possible start in life. Our mission is to make individual nutrition, based on breast milk, available globally to improve neonatal health. Miris Holding AB is listed on AktieTorget, Sweden.

This information is the information that Miris Holding AB is required to disclose under the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided by the above contact person for publication on January 29th, 2018.


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