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Accredited public relations counselor with superior strategic planning, project management, media relations, writing and editing skills. Understands the special needs of health care and nonprofit organizations. Able to leverage a wide range of social media tools. Conscientious, ethical problem solver who makes a measurable difference and works productively with virtual teams.


“We urge everyone to follow the Safer3 tips for best water safety practices,” said Burgess. “For Safer Water, prevent children’s unsupervised access with barriers and alarms; for Safer Kids, designate a “Water Watcher” to supervise kids when they are in or around water and teach them swimming and water safety skills from a young age; for Safer Response, learn CPR and have a phone and a reaching pole by the pool.”
Kim Burgess, executive director, National Drowning Prevention Alliance
“We urge everyone to know and follow the Safer 3 rules developed by the Swim For Life Foundation so your summer is not marred by tragedy and heartbreak.
Kim Burgess, executive director National Drowning Prevention Alliance
“We hope this new report sparks a national conversation that will raise public awareness and promote safer behaviors among parents and swimming pool and spa owners.”
Kim Burgess, Executive Director, National Drowning Prevention Alliance
“Drowning is so swift and silent that even a momentary distraction can lead to tragedy.
Tiffaney Isaacson, President, National Drowning Prevention Alliance
“Our research shows that 70 percent of African American and 62 percent of Hispanic children can’t swim.
Sue Nelson, Vice President, National Drowning Prevention Alliance and aquatic program specialist for USA Swimming
“This is an ambitious program in which the NDPA and Life Saver hope to donate several pool fences each month.”
Eric Lupton, president of Life Saver Systems
“Drowning is preventable if you identify the risk and take steps to minimize it.”
Kim Burgess, executive director National Drowning Prevention Alliance
“Every person, of every ability, should have the best possible experience while he or she is in the water,”
Kim Burgess, Executive Director National Drowning Prevention Alliance
“We are proud to add the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, which has already saved many lives, as a chapter. The National Drowning Prevention Alliance will help the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project reach an even broader audience with our lifesaving message.”
Kim Burgess, Executive Director National Drowning Prevention Alliance
“Bruce is a fierce advocate for promoting the importance of learning how to swim. He believes that all children need to know how to swim because swimming is the only sport that can save your life.”
Debbie Hesse, executive director of USA Swimming Foundation
“These resources have the potential to save many young lives. We are confident they will be widely utilized.”
Kim Burgess, National Drowning Prevention Alliance Executive Director
“These PSAs were designed to be engaging and entertaining, while providing easily understood safety tips.”
Maureen Williams, NDPA Founding President
“This curriculum goes beyond teaching water safety lessons. Early childhood educators can feel good about integrating this into their instruction plan because it also supports pre-school and kindergarten learning objectives, such as language development, critical thinking, small and large motor skills and others.”
Catherine Webb, Ed.D.
“Symposium attendees will be inspired by what they hear. Connections and life-changing collaborations will result and great ideas will flow outward from NDPA symposium participants.”
Mary Ann Downing of San Diego
Lake Michigan waters often have “washing machine” surf filled with “flash rips,” which are nearly impossible to escape without some type of flotation device.
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