About Us

Philip Weeks Backgrounder and Biography Philip Weeks is an expert on natural medicine, a master herbalist and traditional acupuncturist. He is an engaging, informative presenter and is renowned for his deep understanding and knowledge of ancient medicine. He is well versed in Ayurvedic, Arabic, Chinese and Greek medicine and utilises these systems by making them relevant to today. Philip is frequently requested to write in magazines. He has written for ‘Get Fresh’, ‘Kindred Spirit’ and ‘Natural Health’. He is on the expert panel of ‘Cook Veg’. He is asked to regularly teach in London on many aspects of holistic health care, organised by ‘All about Natural Medicine’. Philip has featured on the radio presenting a series called, ‘Medicines in your kitchen’. Last year he lectured at the International Mind, Body and Spirit festival along side other world-renowned health practitioners. His book “Make Yourself Better” will be out early next year. Philip sees patients in Hereford and in Harley Street from all around the world. He has helped with a huge variety of health disorders ranging from acne to more serious conditions. He has conducted some 10,000 consultations since starting his practice 11 years ago. Philip established his clinic after qualifying as a master herbalist in 1999. Whilst seeing patients in his hometown, Hereford, he also trained at the college of Integrated Chinese medicine in Reading and obtained his licentiate in acupuncture in 2005. He has travelled to Eastern Europe, Germany, and India in search of holistic medical techniques. In October of this year, Philip is travelling to China to work in a traditional Chinese Acupuncture Hospital to see how holistic medicine is practiced on a large scale in the Far East. Now, aged only 31, Philip has a new baby boy, born in May this year. He has an interest in natural health approaches for children, and in natural birth approaches. He saw first hand how natural approaches could encourage not only a better pregnancy and birth but also a health baby. Philip’s Lectures include: ‘Face Reading’ The ancient Chinese diagnostic method, for understanding health and character ‘The 7 emotional causes of disease’.The eastern approach to understanding how emotions and our state of mind can make us healthy or ill’. ‘Detoxification’The use of foods and herbs to cleanse our body from the inside out. ‘The 4 Temperaments’.The ancient way of understanding your ‘temperament’, an insight into Shakespearean medicine and how can to get to know others and ourselves better. ‘Cooking for health’A cookery class using and preparing medicinal foods to improve health and wellbeing.