Forssa revoked its procurement decision concerning the organisation of social and healthcare services

Pihlajalinna Plc                 Press Release               22 August 2017 at 9:00

Forssa revoked its procurement decision concerning the organisation of social and healthcare services

The municipal council of Forssa decided on Monday evening, 21 August, 2017, to revoke its procurement decision concerning the organisation of the municipality’s social and healthcare services and to terminate the procurement process.

The decision means that the procurement decision made by the municipality council of Forssa in May will not lead to a service production agreement between Pihlajalinna and municipalities of the Joint Municipal Welfare Authority in the Forssa region. In May, the municipality councils of Forssa, Humppila and Ypäjä decided to establish a joint venture with Pihlajalinna. Jokioinen and Tammela decided that they will not participate in the joint venture.

The population in the area of the Joint Municipal Authority is approximately 34,500. The Joint Municipal Authority had estimated that the value of the possible outsourcing agreement for five municipalities would be roughly EUR 37 million per year. If the outsourcing had included three municipalities (population cirka 22,800), the agreement’s value would have been lower. According to the tendering documentation, the agreement period was 10 years at the minimum and 15 years at the maximum. The tendering covered a major part of the primary care services of the Joint Municipal Authority, along with specialised care (with the exception of services purchased from the hospital district) and mental health and substance abuse services.

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