About Us

In the past cameras have been stored either in unattractive gear bags or wrapped in a towel or scarfand stuffed into a woman’s everyday bag. But POMPIDOO is changing that. The company has crafted an entirely new product category.Offering stylish bags that are a seductive blend of fashion and function, each POMPIDOO productoffers the room and protection necessary for expensive cameras and equipment without compromising on look. Female photo lovers no longer need to hide their head—or their camera bag—when they buyPOMPIDOO. Whether a photographer has just bought her first camera or has been taking pictures professionally for years, POMPIDOO has a bag that will meet her needs AND fit her personal style. Founded by award-winning Latvian photographer Irina Kuzmina—a young fashion-forward photographer herself—POMPIDOO’s mission is making functional things stylish. It all started in 2010. Kuzmina finally decided to give up on her search for a camera bag that wasattractive and modern, instead choosing to design one for herself. That bag, Cologne, became the company’s first product—a sleek, clean bag that was all about the curve. Since then the company has added 2 more models, the sweet and feminine Palermo and the bold and sexy Kimberly, with 2 more (including one especiallydesigned for male photographers) on the way. Each bag is designed with the company’s dual purpose in mind—they transition seamlessly from a work bag to a day bag, with flexible interior compartments that allow them to be highly functional, whether storing camera gear or other daily essentials. And POMPIDOO knows its customers deserve nothing but the best. Each product is carefully assembled (partly by hand), from high-quality supplies buyers expect of a top-of-the-line handbag—genuine leather and accessories are all sourced from the heart of Europe.