At Recipharm, we are focused on managing complexity for our customers and this means providing a full service offering to simplify the supply chain. Bolstering our development business is a key priority and with this investment, we are now able to offer our customers in the US a broader range of services and help them take their projects to the clinical phase in an efficient way. The new suite also meets an industry-wide demand for cGMP manufacturing space for orally inhaled drug products.
Ann Flodin, VP and General Manager of Recipharm’s facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
Recipharm has been supplying serialised products to markets including Turkey, Korea and China for many years and our investment in the Saudi Arabian market is the latest step in our goal to assist pharmaceutical companies with the complex web of requirements in the US, Europe and Asia.
Staffan Widengren, director corporate projects at Recipharm
We made significant progress on our strategic commitments during the year – including the expansion of our geographic footprint beyond our strong European base, and building on our public listing in 2014 to leverage international investment.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
I am very pleased to welcome Henrik, his extensive experience and perspectives in finance, business and strategic development in the pharmaceutical industry make him a great fit for Recipharm as we continue on our strong growth path.
Thomas Eldered, CEO, Recipharm
I'm looking forward to contributing to the continued success of Recipharm in my new capacity as Chief Financial Officer of this leading company.
Henrik Stenqvist
We first established a business relationship with Sato in 2012 and this new supply agreement extends our partnership further. We are looking forward to the launch in Japan and cooperating with Sato in developing the business, to the benefit of both companies.
Ingela Palmkvist, General Manager at Recipharm
We are delighted to present the 2016 award to Alistair Boxall. His work, which extends far beyond measuring concentration levels, has helped change attitudes and improve understanding of the detection, fate, effect and risks of contaminants on both human health and whole ecosystems. His research has been integral to building commitment towards environmental matters and is providing valuable guidance for future actions to decrease or avoid the negative effects of chemical contamination.
Lars Backsell, Chairman of the Board of Recipharm
I am delighted to receive the award. Our research on chemical contaminants has been a real team effort and the progress we have made wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and commitment of my peers, students and postdocs. It is also a great testament to today’s research programmes that the pharmaceutical industry is recognising the importance of environmental impact and actively adapting practices to reduce the effects of contaminants and safeguard the environment.
Alistair Boxall, Professor in environmental science at the University of York
The fourth quarter marks the end of a transaction intensive year for Recipharm. With an increase in net sales of 54 percent we recorded all time high sales for a quarter. Excluding acquisitions sales was still the highest ever for a fourth quarter with an increase of 16 percent, driven by the Sterile Liquids segment. /.../ During 2017 we will explore the many opportunities we see from our global organisation, start supply from the first of our major capacity expansion investments and begin to supply serialized products to the US market. We will continue to build powerful, long lasting partnerships with strategically important customers, in addition to executing on accretive acquisition opportunities. We are well on track to reach our long-term financial targets and overall objectives.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
I am pleased we have now finally completed this important acquisition. We are now in a position to offer our customers access to cost effective development and manufacturing capabilities able to serve international markets including the US. These acquisitions are already showing great promise and I am pleased the current Managing Director, Anurag Bagaria, and VP Corporate Development, Karan Bagaria, will continue in their current positions going forward.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm AB
We are disappointed to be losing Mr Westberg and we would like to sincerely thank him for the significant contributions he has made to Recipharm in the past 10 years. He has been a strong leader and has brought invaluable expertise to the company.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
Over the past year, Recipharm’s development business has continued to expand, with the integration of new facilities, technologies and capabilities. The new North American sales organisation will be extremely important for Recipharm as it will enable the company to attract US customers to its extensive network of development and manufacturing facilities outside of the US. We are very pleased to have such skilled, ambitious and enthusiastic professionals like Anders and Aaron to lead these two sales teams. Their contributions will be extremely valuable in the development of our business in offering new and existing customers access to our world class contract development and manufacturing services.
Carl-Johan Spak, Executive Vice President, Global Technologies
We are delighted to be collaborating with Recipharm, they are an expert partner that we can rely on for the commercial supply of our new product. Given the potential market for the product, a major benefit of partnering with Recipharm is that they have a high level of production capacity, which of course gives us the possibility to further scale up the batch size to meet market requirements in the future.
Jeanette Robertsson, CEO of Laccure AB
We are really looking forward to the commercial launch of this product, and contributing to something that will make a major difference to the lives of many women across the globe.
Ingela Palmkvist, General Manager at Recipharm in Karlskoga
Sales, even excluding acquisitions, was the highest ever for a third quarter. Total sales increased 45 per cent. Excluding acquisitions the growth was 5.9 per cent. An important contributor to growth was sales under the new contract in Kaysersberg with strong demand for blow-fill-seal technology. In general, demand continued to be strong in our Sterile Liquids segment and in the Indian market we saw significant underlying volume growth. /.../ We now have global reach and a highly attractive value proposition to our customers combined with a solid financial position. Going forward we will continue to implement our growth-driving strategies, including executing on further acquisition and business development opportunities. We are very well on track to reach our overall financial and growth targets.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
This project is of strategic importance to Recipharm, enhancing our ability to offer drug developers a complete service offering from raw material to finished drug product. With the addition of the new laboratory, we are now able to run up to six customer projects in parallel, handling maximum batch sizes of approximately 5 kg, compared to 1 kg previously. As well as increasing our output, we will also be investing in a number of new technologies, including flow chemistry, chromatography and hydrogenation capabilities in line with growing customer demand.
Matteo Zacché, R&D Manager at Recipharm in Paderno Dugnano
This is a strategic investment for Recipharm as there is a real need for more GLP bioanalysis laboratories in the Nordic region. Bioanalysis requires specialist expertise and establishing the necessary capabilities can be a costly investment, proving a barrier to entry for many contract services providers. Having first started out in a collaboration with a subcontractor, we are now delighted to be able to expand our offering in-house to service an unmet need for bioanalysis capabilities. The new laboratory will dramatically increase our capacity, allowing us to continue to grow our European customer base and expand our expert team of chemists.
Fredrik Lehmann, General Manager at Recipharm Development in Uppsala
Having already provided serialised products in markets including Turkey, Korea and China we understand the complexity of implementing serialisation processes across existing production lines, so we made the decision very early on to be proactive and get ready for the changes as soon as we could. Companies that delay their preparations face a high risk of disruption to their production when the changes come into effect in 2019. By introducing this showcase line so far in advance we’ll be able to overcome any hurdles prior to the deadline and make the transition to serialised products as seamless as possible for our customers. As part of our preparations we’ve listened to our customers concerns surrounding serialisation, which is why we’ve introduced a unique pricing model to help improve the affordability of the process.
Staffan Widengren, Director Corporate Projects at Recipharm
We are really pleased that Tillotts Pharma AG has chosen Recipharm for these exciting products and projects. Our technical solutions offer a high level of customisation and we look forward to working with Tillotts to ensure their continued development and success within the gastroenterology area.
Kjell Johansson, President Manufacturing Services Europe at Recipharm
We have undertaken a thorough evaluation process to ensure we partner with a CDMO that can meet the needs we have for project management during technology transfer and scale-up, as well as fulfilling our requirements as a reliable commercial supplier. We believe Recipharm is the ideal CDMO partner for this task and look forward to establishing a long term relationship.
Mattias Norrman, COO of Tillotts Pharma AG
We are experiencing greater demand for lyophilisation capabilities from our customers, ranging from some of the largest pharmaceutical companies to small and mid-sized firms. As we continue to receive more requests from existing customers and new enquiries from drug developers in new territories, we needed to increase our capacity.
Giorgio Bruno, General Manager
As expected we comply with our EBITDA-margin and Net debt to Equity targets. Going forward I expect our growth-driving strategies, including executing on further acquisition opportunities, to continue to deliver. The markets we operate in remain competitive but at the same time providing both growth and many opportunities. With our global reach and attractive value proposition to our customers I’m confident that we will reach our long term growth targets set to 2020. We were pleased with the support showed by our shareholders in the recently completed rights issue and we are very well placed to continue to explore the opportunities we see in the market.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
Ann brings valuable experience to Recipharm in Research Triangle Park having worked within a variety of roles within the Group. She and her team will contribute greatly to the ongoing development of Recipharm and its establishment in the US.
Carl-Johan Spak, Executive Vice President
Having worked with Recipharm for 20 years and enjoyed the spirit and ambition of this fast-growing company, I am excited to now be part of our US endeavor. Our ultimate goal is to ensure Recipharm is the preferred partner for pharmaceutical development services worldwide. I am looking forward to working with the specialists at Research Triangle Park to grow our US platform and create an outstanding development organisation in collaboration with our colleagues in Sweden, Italy, France and Israel.
Ann Flodin, General Manager Recipharm Laboratories Inc.
We are experiencing increased demand for our blow fill seal services from markets including the US, Turkey, Australia and Canada and the new filling line will help us to meet this growing need. The increased capacity will position us well for future growth and allow us to take on new projects from new customers more swiftly. With the site’s big pharma heritage, we are ideally placed to meet the highest quality and regulatory requirements and are committed to investing in the facility to ensure we can continue to deliver the best possible service.
Yves Buelens, General Manager at Recipharm’s Kaysersberg site
We have undertaken an extensive evaluation process to ensure we partner with experts that will allow us to best support our customers on their serialisation journeys. It was clear that Marchesini and SEA Vision have a very strong relationship, which would allow us to seamlessly implement the hardware and software required for serialisation. As a global CDMO, the flexibility of a cloud-based central repository and the easy network connectivity to our pharma clients were also key factors in our decision to collaborate with TraceLink.
Staffan Widengren, Director Corporate Projects at Recipharm
“Having provided serialised products in Asia for a number of years, we understand the scale of the investment involved so are utilising our experience, technologies and capabilities to reduce costs for companies in Europe and the US.”
Staffan Widengren
The markets we operate in remain challenging, but I am convinced that we will benefit from the global reach and our competitive value proposition to customers. There are tremendous opportunities in our new global structure and we are determined to explore these
Thomas Eldered
These transactions represent a significant step in both the consolidation of the CDMO industry and the transformation of Recipharm into a global leader.
Thomas Eldered
I am delighted that we have now completed this transaction. The combination of Nitin and Recipharm represents an important step in the development of both companies and I am pleased that both Dr Chetan Sobti and Nitin Sobti will be continuing in their current positions
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
Today I will be pleased to announce completion of the acquisition of Italian company Mitim srl. We intend to do further important transactions during 2016. Considering our good position in the market, opportunities from reshaping activities, subsequent capacity expansion in lyophilisation and expansion into new geographies, I and my team feel great optimism and we are confident that we will continue to gain market share and reach our financial objectives.
Thomas Eldered
This acquisition is very exciting for Recipharm and represents an important step in our consolidation of the CDMO industry. The transaction also cements our leading position in beta lactam production and provides Recipharm not only with additional scale but also opportunities to realise commercial and operational synergies as we combine it with our existing Italian business
Thomas Eldered
We are delighted to present this award to Jerker. Indeed, his multidisciplinary approach and the insight and mind-set to study the “cocktail” of emerging organic contaminants, and their long-time effects, makes Jerker Fick’s research an integral part on how to understand and assess the impact of pharmaceuticals on the environment
Lars Backsell, Recipharm Chairman of the Board
I am very pleased to have secured this accolade. It is highly encouraging that a CDMO like Recipharm takes the environment so seriously and recognises the contribution that research like mine can make to drawing attention to pharmaceutical impact, as we work together to protect the environment.
Jerker Fick
I am very pleased that Anke has joined the Business Management team. With extensive knowledge and experience in the CDMO business, her contribution will be very valuable in the development of our customer relationships.
Kenth Berg, VP Business Management
“Yves Buelens brings valuable experience to Recipharm having worked with a variety of pharmaceutical companies including CDMO’s. I am sure he and his team will contribute greatly to the ongoing development of Recipharm and in particular with this exciting new technology”
Thomas Eldered
“I'm looking forward to become a member of the Recipharm family.I believe it will be a fruitful environment for growth and expansion of the Kaysersberg site. The long-term contract with Alcon will be an excellent foundation and milestone for other business opportunities and the proven quality track record will be the cornerstone to attract new customers. The Recipharm entrepreneurship combined with high technical skills of the Alsace workforce will give us a bright future together”
Yves Buelens
We are looking forward to extending our relationship with Alcon and Novartis and I am very pleased that they have had the confidence in Recipharm to make this commitment of a long term manufacturing agreement and sale of Kaysersberg Pharmaceuticals
Thomas Eldered
LIDDS’ technology platform is highly interesting as it potentially can be used for other, already approved therapies which may lead to shorter development time for new products. We are looking forward to collaborating with LIDDS through contributing our technical expertise within production, and thus delivering a more gentle treatment for prostate cancer patients in the future
Carl-Johan Spak, EVP Development & Technology at Recipharm
”Daewoong Pharmaceutical is our first customer for the purchase of our Erdosteine API. We are therefore delighted to have secured this substantial extension of our contract with the company and believe strongly that this sets the basis for significant new growth of Erdosteine in Korea.”
Pierfrancesco Manzo
“I am delighted that Mr Boselli and Mr Pluta have joined Recipharm. Both bring great skills and experience to our organization. Mr Boselli’s knowledge and expertise will be invaluable to the continuing growth and expansion of our Italian business across the whole Recipharm network. Mr Pluta’s industry expertise and solid business competence will play a key role in the task at hand to increase performance at Recipharm Pessac whilst maintaining the highest quality standards of service.”
Thomas Eldered
I am delighted to be entering into this partnership with the current owners who have successfully expanded and grown the company to what it is today. It is our stated aim to have a more global footprint and participate in the good opportunities that emerging markets bring.
Thomas Eldered
We are extremely pleased to have developed our collaborative partnership with LobSor Pharmaceuticals and to have signed an agreement for the future commercial manufacturing of LECIGON, especially as this is a new, innovative drug, which we believe provides a clear benefit to patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease
Carl-Johan Spak
It is well known that pharmaceutical development is costly and can be cumbersome for a small company. Recipharm is one of our most important strategic partners for the development of our first pharmaceutical product, with whom we have been able to find creative collaboration models to secure the initiation of the LECIGON project.
Roger Bolsöy
We are very pleased that we have entered into this partnership with Recipharm for this important and exciting product. Recipharm is able to offer us a one stop shop solution that is fairly unique. We are confident in Recipharm’s ability to deliver and look forward to working with them
Guy Goldberg
This is a fantastic example of how Recipharm has been able to offer an integrated solution to solve a complex manufacturing project. We are looking forward to working on this project and supporting a successful clinical trial and launch of RHB-105
Erik Haeffler
Looking forward and excluding acquisitions we expect that in the second half of the year overall demand for our services will stay on the same level year on year, while the weak performance in Solids and Other will impact profit somewhat. We are benefitting from recent acquisitions and we are very well placed to explore the opportunities we see in the market, including geographic expansion
Thomas Eldered
“We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with our co-investors and Karolinska Development to secure sufficient funding for Pharmanest. We are convinced that Pharmanest with its product SHACT will be able to help a huge amount of women with proper pain relief where there is no good alternative today. We do believe that our technical capabilities will also be very helpful in the further development of the product and we are looking forward to manufacturing the product in commercial volumes upon regulatory approval”
Carl-Johan Spak, EVP Development & Technology Recipharm
I am very happy to welcome such a talent in the sales organisation. Amine will help in to increase our development business in France. We are looking forward to building new relationships with French companies in need of qualified pharmaceutical product development services
Torkel Gren
With the acquisition of OnTarget Chemistry we will be able serve both existing and new customers with high quality development services. OnTarget Chemistry has a very skilled staff with a high number of PhDs working in a modern laboratory of very high standard. The acquisition is of strategic importance for Recipharm as it will together with the existing development organisation fuel manufacturing sales in the long term.
Carl-Johan Spak
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