We have taken this decision as there is no likely prospect of the facility in Ashton-under-Lyne being able to deliver an acceptable return in the medium term. It has clearly been a difficult choice as any closure will affect approximately 140 of our employees who have demonstrated commitment and hard work to provide high quality products and services. It is our intention to ensure fair and respectful treatment to all throughout this process and redeploy people where possible within the Group in the event of closure. Such a change will enable us to focus our attention on the most competitive and efficient manufacturing facilities in our Group. At a strategic level, we continue to pursue our mission to develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals for demanding customers for global use. As such, our financial objectives remain unchanged.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
The global ADHD market amounts to just over 10bn USD and there is strong demand for new solutions to help better manage this condition that affects a broad patient population. We are very proud to be able to work with OnDosis on such an important project and we believe that our excellent capabilities in drug formulation using coated pellets in Pessac, France, will be very valuable assets throughout the partnership.
Bernard Pluta, President, Development Services, Recipharm
ADHD is a disease area with a significant unmet medical need. It has been confirmed in dialogue with patients and healthcare professionals that ADHD is an area which can gain significant benefits from the new treatment regimen made possible by OnDosis technology. The decision to commence development of a formulation, which will be integrated with OnDosis technology, marks an important milestone for our company and we’re delighted to be working with Recipharm on this critical development work.
Martin Olovsson, CEO of OnDosis
This is an important recognition of the scientific value of our molecule and it has been achieved thanks to the outcomes of the recent clinical studies which proved Erdosteine to be effective in the treatment of COPD patients. We are confident that Erdosteine is going to play an increasing role in the treatment of this pathology.
Pierfrancesco Manzo, Sales & Business Development Director for Erdosteine
There are only personal financial reasons behind the decision to sell a small portion of my shares in Recipharm. I have no intention to sell any additional shares in the Company. The shareholding in Recipharm represents by far my largest investment. Recipharm is in a very strong position and I see many exciting opportunities to further develop. I look forward to leading the organisation on our continued successful journey.
Thomas Eldered, CEO and co-founder of Recipharm AB
In the third quarter of 2018, we increased net sales to SEK 1,421 million, with a currency-adjusted growth in continuing operations of 14 per cent, and improved EBITDA by SEK 48 million to SEK 151 million and EBITDA margin to 10.6 per cent (8.6). As usual the third quarter was strongly affected by maintenance and vacation shut-downs. Although this is the best third quarter ever for Recipharm, it does not mean that we have reached our full potential. Our expanded capacities, extensive technology range and global reach will drive further improvements going forward. /.../ We expect good contributions from recent important capacity expansion investments to continue over the next years. We also continue to see material contributions to group growth from our India based operations. In the short term we expect the good growth we have also seen in the Solids and Others segment to continue. Our objectives and strategies remain unchanged and we are working hard to reach our overall and long-term goals.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
The decision to stay in Höganäs is a consequence of the increased demand for the technology and capacity we can offer. This has been somewhat unexpected, but we are of course pleased to see new customers entering in Höganäs and that we by this also are able to continue the services to existing customers. We expect to see volume growth already in 2019 and it will allow Recipharm to continue to offer an extensive and competitive manufacturing structure for powders and granules. I am also glad that our highly skilled workforce will have continued employment with Recipharm. They have shown a high level of commitment during this period.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
Over recent years Recipharm has become known for leading the way in meeting the serialisation challenge. We are proud to have reached this milestone four months before the FMD deadline and anticipate that all our facilities will meet compliance by the end of the year. Recipharm is keen to aid companies in meeting compliance on time and ultimately help to create a safer global medicine supply.
Staffan Widengren, director corporate projects and head of the global steering committee for Recipharm’s serialisation programme
Treatments for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are in high demand and are therefore key growth areas for our business. This new capability allows us to expand our offering to customers developing novel respiratory products by adding additional expertise and manufacturing capacity to Recipharm. We look forward to growing this side of our business and continuing to enhance our wider development services offering.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
The process of connecting to the EU Hub should not be underestimated as it takes a lot of time and effort to complete. We began the connection process in October 2017 and the past 10 months have involved a series of contractual and technical on-boarding steps. This project milestone reaffirms Recipharm’s global leadership in serialisation and our commitment to meeting the compliance requirements well ahead of the February 2019 deadline. We will be using our knowledge to advise our customers on their own connections over the coming months in line with EMVO’s requirements.
Staffan Widengren, Director Corporate Projects and leader of Recipharm’s serialisation programme
TraceLink’s history integrating with the EU Hub dates back two years, with nearly 650,000 serial numbers submitted to the EU Hub by our customers since 2016. Today, while other solution providers are in the midst of conducting pilot tests, TraceLink customers are out front, already live in production with serialisation and officially approved to submit data to the EU Hub. Recipharm is a great example of an organisation that is taking a proactive approach to serialisation compliance and it was a pleasure to support the team with their connection to the EU Hub.
Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO of TraceLink
We are benefitting from our global reach and our competitive value proposition to customers. With our important investments and acquisitions we are taking leadership in selected markets. Our objectives and strategies remain unchanged. We will continue to build powerful, long lasting partnerships with strategically important customers, in addition to adding further technologies and differentiating businesses, based on customer needs.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
This new offering is the latest phase in our company-wide serialisation project which was launched in 2016 following a EUR 40 million investment. In recent years, Recipharm has become known for taking a lead in the serialisation challenge. As the deadline gets closer we’re seeing more and more companies ask if we can provide an outsourced serialisation service that caters for the new requirements, even if the product itself is not manufactured within Recipharm it made sense to allow customers who were struggling with their existing provider to get access to our solution. Implementing these measures independently across packaging lines to ensure compliance is a relatively straightforward process when using offline equipment. Our experience of serialisation means we can ensure compliance quickly and efficiently for our customers.
Staffan Widengren, Director of Corporate Projects at Recipharm and Head of the Global Steering Committee for Recipharm’s serialisation programme
We are very pleased to have reached this agreement with SERB as we believe they are far better placed to maximize the potential of ThyroSafe® by including it within their portfolio of emergency products. Many countries stockpile potassium iodide products to have as a preventive measure in case of sudden radiation exposure, but there are still many countries that have not taken sufficient action in this area. I am confident that SERB will be able to grow the volumes of the product. We are also delighted that we will continue to provide our expertise in the manufacture of ThyroSafe® in the long term.
Carl-Johan Spak, Executive Vice President at Recipharm
Holmes Chapel brings Recipharm an ideal opportunity to accelerate its offering to customers with access to novel respiratory products. As an already successful CMO with several clients, we look forward to introducing new contracts to Holmes Chapel by utilising our growing franchise in development services. Treatments for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are growing at a fast rate and we see many opportunities. The experienced management team and staff have already successfully attracted new customers and we look forward to building on this from the well invested facility.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
We are delighted that the Holmes Chapel site is being bought by a company who will further develop the site and its employees, and bring opportunities to utilise the existing technologies and capabilities.
Volker Keuth, Head of Cartridge Division & Emerging Markets, at Sanofi
Holmes Chapel brings Recipharm an ideal opportunity to accelerate its offering to customers with access to novel of respiratory products. As an already successful CMO with several clients, we look forward to introducing new contracts to Holmes Chapel by utilising our growing franchise in development services. Treatments for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are growing at a fast rate and we see many opportunities. The experienced management team and staff have already successfully attracted new customers and we look forward to building on this from the well invested facility.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
Recipharm’s presence in both the UK and mainland Europe means we are well positioned to support our customers post-Brexit. We are also adept at streamlining processes across geographies and dealing with third party importations into Europe due to our global facilities. Brexit has the potential to bring about additional resource demands. We are focused on ensuring our team is equipped to handle the potential challenges so that our customers continue to receive the same level of service. We also expect to see a greater demand for outsourced manufacturing services from UK-based marketing authorisation holders (MAHs) wishing to supply to Europe and are preparing our team to meet this demand.
Thomas Beck, Senior Vice President Quality Management at Recipharm
The partnership will support business growth in Israel, giving Recipharm access to the majority of the clinical trials taking place in the country. While the field of chemistry services is relatively new to this market, the growth potential is substantial, with more than 800 biotech companies in Israel and the number and size of these companies continuing to grow. By collaborating with one of the most prestigious hospitals in the region and its commercial arm, we believe this will support our goal to become the most trusted CDMO in the region.
Dr. Sylvia Kachalsky, Site Manager at Recipharm in Israel
Through the partnership we will be able to offer a full service for the synthesis and testing of compounds. Working with Recipharm, our team will gain professional input regarding the compounds that Hadassah researchers and Hadasit companies are developing, including synthesis and medicinal chemistry challenges. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial long-term partnership which will ultimately help both companies to grow and support the pharmaceutical industry in Israel.
Dr. Tamar Raz, CEO at Hadasit
We see solid growth and performance in our ongoing manufacturing and development business, while we are just beginning to deliver from major expansion investments. Sales for the quarter was an all-time high and first time ever over SEK 1.5 billion. Growth in continuing operations, adjusted for currency translation effects and acquisitions was about 10 per cent. All segments report organic growth and improved EBITDA-margin. EBITDA was the highest ever for a quarter and SEK 90 million higher than any previous first quarters. EBITDA-margin for the group increased to 16.5 per cent. /.../ The markets we operate in remain challenging, but I am convinced that we will benefit from the global reach and our competitive value proposition to customers. With our important investments we are taking leadership in selected markets and we will explore opportunities to add further technologies and differentiating businesses to our customer offering. There are tremendous opportunities in our global structure and we are determined to explore these.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
We’re delighted to have again been rewarded for our efforts as part of the CMO Leaderships Awards. These awards in particular allow us to gain an uncensored insight into how our customers feel we’re performing so it’s great to be recognised year on year. At Recipharm, we’re dedicated to offering not only quality development and manufacturing services, but also ensuring our customers benefit from our expertise and wide-ranging capabilities, so to be recognised in all six categories this year is a fantastic achievement for us.
Thomas Eldered, CEO at Recipharm
Recipharm has only owned the facility for two years and during that time have taken some very fast and positive decisions to invest in Kaysersberg. We have worked hard to develop a flexible service that can cater for even the most complex of projects. Adding the line to our facility will allow us to take on new customer projects more quickly, as well as continue to meet our current customers’ requirements. The additional space we’ve added also means we are also well positioned for further growth in line with future customer demand.
Yves Buelens, General Manager at Recipharm’s Kaysersberg site
We are delighted to present the 2017 award to Karen Kidd. Her work, which explores the potential effects and risks of contaminants on fish and whole ecosystems, is truly impressive. This research will no doubt be essential in building commitment towards environmental matters and provides valuable guidance for future actions in order to decrease or avoid the negative effects of chemical contamination.
Lars Backsell, Chairman of the board of Recipharm
The combination of amazing research facilities like the IISD Experimental Lakes Area, considerable support from the federal government and private sector, and an outstanding group of collaborators have enabled us to advance the knowledge on how widely-used chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, are impacting the health and sustainability of aquatic systems. My experiences have absolutely reinforced the idea that collectively we can accomplish so much more towards solving pressing environmental issues and minimizing our impacts on water quality and aquatic ecosystems. I am very honoured to receive this award and thank Recipharm for the recognition of our research.
Karen Kidd, Professor in Biology
This collaboration is an exciting step for Recipharm, enabling us to bring innovative drug delivery technologies to our customers and ultimately develop novel, safer and cost effective new products. We look forward to working with Altus to increase the use of its technologies in Europe.
Bernard Pluta, President Development Services at Recipharm
We are delighted to enter into this agreement and look forward to co-developing a range of patent protected, label differentiated new products with Recipharm and its customers.
Damon Smith, CEO of Altus
During his time with Recipharm, Henrik has, amongst other things, further developed the Group’s financing as well as finance function, in terms of both its organization and competence. We are highly grateful for his contribution and wish him all the best for the future.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
We had a positive finish of the year, a year characterized by solid underlying demand but also delays in important projects and other issues. /.../ Our expansion projects will start to deliver towards the end of the first quarter and we will see a gradual ramp-up during the next 4-6 quarters. As projects finish we will see less capex and supported by increased profit, leverage will gradually decrease. Ending operations in the two Swedish facilities is painful. However, with the addition of a modern well invested facility in Spain and competitive operations in India we will get a streamlined and efficient structure, well suited to support our demanding customers’ needs globally. I am confident that we will reach our SEK 8 billion sales target by 2020 and have an EBITDA-margin target of at least 16 per cent.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
I am delighted to announce the appointment of Bernard Pluta as President, Development Services. Bernard has managed our operations in Pessac with great success. His industry expertise and solid business competence will play a key role in transforming our development services and ensuring a seamless end to end offering. By providing a wide range of development services we are well positioned to manage challenging projects and complexity on behalf of our customers.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
I have been particularly pleased with the way the performance in Nitin Lifesciences has developed since it became part of the Recipharm Group. Both sales and margins have grown in the business despite the recent macro-economic volatility in India and we foresee this favorable development to continue. The transaction will allow us to combine and better exploit operational synergies with our other Indian business. The equity investment will align interests of the Sobti family. As such, I have great pleasure in announcing that current chief executives and members of the founding family Dr Chetan Sobti and Mr Nitin Sobti shall not only continue to spearhead the current business but also in addition take on the responsibility to develop and grow Recipharm’s total business in the Indian and emerging markets.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
We are continuing to gain momentum in the CDMO market and this latest agreement is another demonstration of this. I welcome our new colleagues in Spain and look forward to providing Roche with first-class CDMO services.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
I am honoured that Recipharm has been acknowledged for our decade-long commitment to France. We have been very pleased with the development of our business there and I would like to thank the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France for recognising this.
Thomas Eldered, CEO at Recipharm
We’ve taken a very proactive approach to tackling serialisation as we understand the critical role that contract manufacturers must play in ensuring continuous supply of vital medicines in key markets. In addition to equipping nine of our sites ahead of the EU deadline and the new US enforcement date, we’ve also introduced a serialisation task force to ensure a consistent roll out of our standard solution across all of our facilities.
Staffan Widengren, Director of Corporate Projects at Recipharm
We continue to work hard to deliver on our strategies and to meet our targets. We invest heavily to take leadership in markets where demand is expected to be high. We perform optimisation and improvements of our structure in order to increase profitability and offer our customers attractive solutions. We receive positive feedback from our customers both in terms of our long-term strategy and of our current work. We see good opportunities to initiate and deepen important long-term relations with key customers. I therefore feel confident that we will reach our overall financial targets and be a leading global CDMO.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
The intended changes will enable us to serve our customers with best in class service and value. We will see immediate efficiency improvements from this change and in the long term, it will allow Recipharm to offer a more competitive manufacturing structure for oral solids. While this is a strategic choice made to optimize our manufacturing, it is a difficult decision as the closure affects approximately 225 of our Swedish employees, who have demonstrated commitment and hard work to provide high quality products and services. It is of course our intention to ensure fair and respectful treatment to all throughout this process. Moving forward, the planned changes will enable us to focus our attention on the most competitive and efficient manufacturing facilities in our group. At a strategic level, we continue to pursue our mission to develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals for demanding customers for global use. As such, our financial objectives remain unchanged.
Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm
Recipharm recognised the complexity of implementing serialisation at a very early stage and so we’ve been preparing for the new regulations in the US and Europe for a long time now. The Lisbon facility brings us to over a third of the way through our implementation project and is an important milestone in our journey.
Staffan Widengren, Director of Corporate Projects at Recipharm
We are continuing to gain momentum in the CDMO market through our various profitable growth initiatives. I am therefore delighted to announce this long-term agreement with Roche. It has become clear during our interactions with Roche that we are closely aligned in our ways of doing business, and we look forward to developing this relationship further by providing high-quality, reliable supplies from Leganés in future. In addition, we see a highly interesting business development opportunity to add new customers.
Thomas Eldered, CEO Recipharm AB
We are happy to be able to contribute to the development of a new drug with the potential to be of great medical value. We have extensive experience in developing drugs for clinical trials as well as commercial manufacture and this will be very valuable in the collaboration with Kancera.
Torkel Gren, General Manager at Recipharm in Solna
The decision to commence development of capsules for an active dosage of KAND567 shows that Kancera has reached an important milestone in the Fractalkine project. We are delighted to now be collaborating with Recipharm to produce the pharmaceutical product that will be used to study how KAND567 can help patients.
Thomas Olin, CEO of Kancera
Our customers often face problems in terms of meeting timelines, adhering to changing regulations and managing trial complexity and it is our job to guide them through the process. Quite simply, Recipharm’s Pathway to Clinic™ service means we take responsibility for the full phase I programme, from formulation to clinical trial implementation with patients. Managing the different aspects of phase I, while reducing risk, time and cost, requires a clear roadmap and close collaboration between the different disciplines. Through partnering with CTC, we have complete control over all the links in the chain so can adjust at each step to avoid delays, meet deadlines and build value for our customers.
Torkel Gren, General Manager at Recipharm in Solna
Progressing a drug to achieve first in human results is a complex process. Together with Recipharm, we can offer a complete integrated service where all the parts have been optimised to give our customers a fast and cost-effective development program until proof of concept.
Anders Millerhovf, CEO at CTC
Sales and EBITDA developed well and in line with our expectations for the quarter.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
We are proud of having reached this important milestone in the development of a new product allowing improved therapy for a serious disease. This has been achieved by the hard work and close collaboration of experts at both LIDDS and Recipharm. LIDDS is a very innovative company and it has been extremely rewarding to work with the team.
Torkel Gren, General Manager, Recipharm in Solna
With the successful manufacturing performed at Recipharm, LIDDS can offer license agreements for Liproca® Depot with the advantage of having validated production in place, saving both time and money for pharma companies. In addition, we now have an established manufacturing facility ready for other NanoZolid® projects.
Monica Wallter, CEO of LIDDS
As we continue to grow as a company, with our focus on decentralised operations, we are highly dependent on talented people at key posts throughout the Recipharm organisation. With his extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector in the UK & Ireland, we believe Shabbir is the perfect addition to our team and will help to drive our business forward in this key market.
Kenth Berg, Vice President Business Management
Recipharm is highly regarded as a significant force in the pharmaceutical sector and as the CDMO continues to expand its presence and service offering globally, it’s an exciting time to join the team. Recipharm is focused on simplifying the supply chain and managing complexity on behalf of pharmaceutical companies across the world and I look forward to playing my part by supporting our customers in the UK & Ireland.
Shabbir Mostafa, Director, Business Management UK & Ireland
With a sales growth of 37 percent we report the highest ever sales for a first quarter. /..../ The underlying business is developing according to plan and we maintain our overall objectives.
Thomas Eldered, CEO
At Recipharm, we are focused on managing complexity for our customers and this means providing a full service offering to simplify the supply chain. Bolstering our development business is a key priority and with this investment, we are now able to offer our customers in the US a broader range of services and help them take their projects to the clinical phase in an efficient way. The new suite also meets an industry-wide demand for cGMP manufacturing space for orally inhaled drug products.
Ann Flodin, VP and General Manager of Recipharm’s facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
Recipharm has been supplying serialised products to markets including Turkey, Korea and China for many years and our investment in the Saudi Arabian market is the latest step in our goal to assist pharmaceutical companies with the complex web of requirements in the US, Europe and Asia.
Staffan Widengren, director corporate projects at Recipharm
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