About Us

In 2007, Rethink Renovations was born out of an idea: the marriage of the old and the new. Old meaning constructing a space for aesthetics, durability, and longevity, new meaning the use of modern technology to minimize waste and pollutants. As a St. Louis-based, family-owned and operated design/build firm, Rethink Renovations blends progressive ideology with traditional roots to offer green construction, design/build, and full lines of cabinetry and furniture that minimize environmental impact. The company works with homeowners, design firms, and architects to create eco-friendly remodeling solutions that include sustainably-harvested wood, and locally-produced, non-toxic materials. Rethink Renovations is committed to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of spaces, but, more importantly, to preserving the health and well-being of the clients who will create memories in the spaces. For more, please visit www.rethinkrenovations.com or call 314-323-8845.