About Us

The Hollywood dream of fame and fortune is more attractive and in some ways more attainable than ever in today’s digital age. Screen Test Star USA™ is the latest star-discovery platform for the acting industry. Integrating social media, expert tips and career tools, Screen Test Star USA™ aims to be an invaluable service for actors to find the right roles, right away. Gone are the days of actors just hoping to get an audition or screen test from busy casting directors who have too many people to see. STS USA provides Professionally Produced Screen Tests at a fraction of the price and then harnesses the convenience of the Facebook platform to provide career tools. Actors will be able to market themselves via a dashboard where all of their resume information, photos and screen tests can be displayed for the world to see. Their profiles will be matched to opportunities that they desire and are truly qualified for. This is a convenient service for casting directors as well – they will easily be able to search for actors with the qualities they want and watch professional screen tests immediately.