About Us

Shark Savers was founded in 2007 by six long-time divers driven by a shared passion and fueled by decades of business, marketing and media expertise. As divers, we felt an emotional connection to the oceans and in particular, sharks. And, we all witnessed what we came to love begin to disappear. We realized we had to take action. Today, over 10,000 members from 99 nations share that sense of urgency.We focus on action and results, designing our programs to result in saving the lives of sharks. By leveraging professional experience and expertise, Shark Savers brings the issue to the masses in many compelling forms, motivating people to stop consuming sharks, serving as the voice for a maligned species, and focusing their attention on locations where sharks need to be protected. Shark Savers enables people to make a difference and take a stand in their home, their local businesses, and throughout shark hot spots all over the world. Shark Savers' MissionOur mission is to save the sharks. We focus on education and awareness because most people still think sharks are out to kill them, or don't know that sharks are being fished towards extinction, or are unaware of the disastrous impact that shark eradication has on the oceans and food supply, or don't know that mercury in shark fin soup is hazardous. We empower people to take action by getting involved in our programs and campaigns in order to aggregate and maximize their impact for the cause of protecting sharks. Shark conservation is an enormous challenge because sharks are being fished out of the water by the millions each month and cannot reproduce fast enough to overcome overfishing. Sharks are already gone in many of the areas where they were once plentiful. The fishing pressure against them continues relentlessly, largely because of the market demand for their fins. We do see recent signs of hope in the results of actions of people and organizations throughout the world, although not enough to lessen the urgency of this mission.